Ok, I've googled the hell out of this and also I'm either inproficient or it's simply not out tright here. I remained in the Lost City now (the huge public group dungeon in the desert), and tbelow was a floor puzzle that I could not number out. It had 6 floor butloads (2 had actually scarabs, 2 had spiders, and also 2 had scorpions) as well as a wall surface button. We tried every configuration we could think of, however we couldn't figure it out.

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I can't think of all over else to go, and also am hoping one of you geniuses have actually figured it out or let me understand what I'm intended to carry out.


very same point here, was tbelow for a lengthy time. whenever before civilization were just running approximately on the tiles and also someone was spamming the wall button, sometimes it would spawn a scorpion, spider, and an elite scarab, however none of us might figure out just how to recreate it.

On a side note, I love that it's tough to number out, and that they don't simply offer you the answer on a wall in front of you. Super frustrating, yes, but that just renders it more satisfying once you ultimately do number it out.

I agree, and also love that it was complicated. I wish it had actually been with a guild group and also we had been on vent instead of a pug and typing everything out. The challenge in communication was made worse by the reality that stuff retained spawning around us and tbelow were around 4 groups of mobs in the radius of the plates, so it was pretty energetic.

It was actually among the more fun points I've done - I love complicated stuff prefer that. I guess I'll head ago in tright here with some guildmates and also check out if we can't number it out after the servers come ago up.

Can you click them all simultaneously? The accomplishment for completing the puzzle is named: Lost city team difficulty. So i think you should do click all the butlots at the same time via a group of people. Tell me if it functions :)

We just had 3 world for most of the time, and it was a pug, so type of prefer herding cats. We did spfinish probably 15 minutes at that spot and also did everything we could think of. We regulated to spawn the named beetle and a pretty challenging mob dubbed "spider guardian" or something prefer that. We for certain tried standing on all the 2 comparable combinations (ie. beetle + beetle) and also hitting the wall switch all at once, and also did the same for spider + spider, and so on Every time we hit the wall switch, though, I obtained a message that it did nothing.

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I'm much less certain that we managed to pull off standing on all 3 different floor plates at once and also pushing the button. I instructed them to try it, but the 4th man we had helping us was only there for favor 2 minutes and also I'm pretty sure he was high or somepoint bereason following instructions was not his strong suit.