Columbus offers you the feel of a bustling city, without the expense of one. Of course real estate varies by community, however the all at once cost of living in Columbus is fairly low compared to other major cities.According to, the cost of living in Columbus is 10% lower than the nationwide average.

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A Mix of City and also Nature

While downtvery own Columbus is a bustling urban area, the whole Central Ohio area is filled with nature preserves, state parks, and metro parks. Some remarkable parks that sell just a small little more than your normal park, are Schiller Park in Germale Village, the Park of Roses in Clintonville, and Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Garden.

When you think of Ohio, you more than likely view rolling areas and also farm land also. But we actually have some pretty cool parks right outside of Columbus that feature beautiful lakes and also waterfalls. Head to Indian Run or Hayden Falls Park, both much less than 20 miles from downtown, to check out these organic wonders.

If you"re up for a trip, there"s also even more waterfalls within a half-day"s drive from the city.

The Seasons

So, depending upon where you"re from, this might be totally new to you. Ohio as a whole is in the eastern portion of the United States and also that suggests we"re blessed (or cursed, each year is a various sentiment) to suffer spring, summer, autumn, and also winter. Unlike states that are coastal, or far north or southern, and also only obtain mild weather alters, we get them all!


The Drivers & Traffic

Any significant city is going to have web traffic troubles and also rush hour, and while Columbus traffic may be inferior compared to areas choose Los Angeles or New York, we actually have actually some of the worst drivers in the country.

Columbus was ranked in the Top 10 Worst Drivers by CitybyQuoteWizard.The studyranked the 75 a lot of inhabited city locations andwas based on information from over two million incident counts that included crashes, speeding tickets, DUI"s, and citations choose running a red light, utilizing a cellphone while driving, etc).

The Seasons

So yeah, having actually all four periods is a pro, however after you live in Columbus for a calendar year, you"ll understand also just how our love/hate connection with the weather is favor a bond that we all share. You"ll additionally understand also the advantage of a good winter boots and a raincoat.

Not just will certainly you have all 4 seasons in a year, you"ll also have actually all 4 periods in the expectancy of a week and also periodically a day. The inconsistencies in the weather have the right to make it really hard to plan for temperature changes, or even preparing your house/vehicle for points like scurrently and also winter storms.

The various other con to living in Columbus, prefer any kind of other significant city, is that we actually have actually five seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Construction. Unlike the other four, Construction is a year-round seachild and also simply choose winter, it really messes up your take a trip plans.

It"s Tough To Buy A Home

Columbus is a bustling city that is truly growing and also prospering, which provides it a good place to live. However, that also provides it tough to actually buy and also own a residence. Because of the expansion and the huge amount of better education and learning establishments in the location, tright here is a absence of inventory, so finding a home in a neighborhood you favor, that you have the right to afford, that has actually what you require, becomes hard.

The flip side, but, is that tbelow are many rental dwellings and apartments in the location. The big student and current graduate population in the area drives secure demand for rental housing. While many type of places roughly downtown may be catering tomarket renters, tbelow are rental companies that make sure to offer affordable real estate forstudents also.

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There you have actually it, some of the major pros and cons of living in Columbus Ohio. Overall, the city is an exceptionally varied, welcoming, distinctive city that has actually a lot to market and many of the cons on this list are subjective and could readjusted based on your personal preferences and experiences.