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The hilarious moment is captured when a small girl is being driven roughly by her mother and can"t avoid saying words "f*ck," bemusing her mom in Michigan on September 6.

A infant girl is talk in a vehicle seat in the ago seat the a car, and also while her mommy is driving, the baby proceeds to say F**K!

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MIPCOM Factual Trends: Why UGV is proving to be a great medium for innovative modern history programming

TV has always been a powerful medium for delivering compelling and also engaging insights into background and ensuring the story of the previous reach a massive audience. This was reinforced once again in ~ MIPCOM 2021, with the ongoing rise that modern background being ranked together a top 3 factual trend during a session on What’s next for non-scripted, hosted by K7 Media. Major money is being invested in historic content right now. Sure, you can point to The Crown, The Queen’s Gambit and Bridgerton. But innovation in historic programming is not just the realm of the glossy duration drama or re-enactments. Audience love these programmes, of that there is no doubt. But the clever bods security TV trends and viewing habits report audiences room looking to actors a more vital lens over the events of the past, particularly in the contemporary history genre, through the influence of such occasions still shaping culture today.