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1-Page Rundown of Little Fires Everywhere

Overall Summary

Celeste Ng’s novel, “Little Fires Everywhere”, is around two womales that rent a home from Mrs. Richardchild. They’re both artists and also they raise Pearl, their daughter together. Mia and Pearl move in through the Richardsons because they require a area to live while Mia functions on her art job. The interactions between all of them help form each character’s personality more totally as well as influence exactly how other personalities act towards one one more throughout the story line.

Meanwhile, the town is swept right into a dispute over an abandoned baby. Mia’s coworker left her kid at the firehome after enduring from postpartum depression. The McCulloughs adopted that boy, that just so happens to be Chinese, and also called her Mirabelle or May Ling. Bebe tries to call the McCulloughs yet fails; she then transforms to Mia for help. After hearing around this situation, Mia figures out that Mirabelle must actually be Bebe’s daughter because of their equivalent backgrounds and names. When the news gets out about this story—thanks to Mia’s efforts—a custody fight ensues between Bebe and the McCulloughs.

The tvery own of Shaker Heights is divided over the custody concern. Some civilization feel that Mia have to have actually been left in her original home, while others felt that she was better off via her new parents. Mrs. Richardchild sides via the McCulloughs because they are friends of hers and Mia’s previous mom is one of those who desire to save Mia in their custody. When she learns that it was actually Bebe who told Mia around wbelow her baby was, she feels betrayed by Bebe as well and decides to investigate additionally right into the matter by looking at a record on Mia’s previous background.

A womale learns that her tenant is a surrogate that adjusted her mind around offering the baby to the child’s parental fees. The tenant then leaves with her daughter, but not before informing them why she was leaving and also wbelow they might uncover her if they wanted.

At the same time, the youngest son of the Richardboy family, Izzy is upcollection with her parental fees for dealing with Mia and also Pearl unreasonably. She burns dvery own their home in retaliation and runs ameans from house to join them on the road. The fire was so bad that they all had actually to remain at the Winslow’s while their own residence was being reconstructed. When they lastly arrive at Mia and Pearl’s last attend to, they uncover a gift envelope containing handmade presents for each of them. Each gift reveals somepoint intimate around their lives.


At the end of the story, Bebe breaks into McCullough’s home and also steals back her daughter. She leaves for China, and Mrs. Richardson involves terms with Izzy’s loss because she knows that she will certainly not be returning.

Chapter 1

Izzy Richardson’s family members home catches fire. Her mother is the just one at home, and also she escapes safely. Izzy is missing from the scene, but her siblings think that she started the fire because of her past actions. They’re right; once authorities investigate, they discover matches in each room as if someone had collection them on fire from within. The damages isn’t also bad in the finish, yet it does make Izzy’s siblings wonder what to do if their possessions are damaged by a fire.

The night before, Mrs. Richardchild sees Mia Warren and also her daughter Pearl drive as much as her residence to drop off the secrets of the home they were renting from them as a last action in ending their lease. The next morning, namong the Richardsons think about connecting the fire to Mia and also Pearl’s departure bereason it was so quiet.

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Chapter 2

A year before the fire, Mia and also Pearl are relocating right into an upstairs apartment of a residence that Mrs. Richardkid inherited from her household in Shaker Heights. The downstairs tenant has been continual for years, however she had actually incontinuous tenants for the upstairs one until she met Mia.