Oh no, it’s happened. You’re doing your makeup for work-related or a big night, but your eyeliner dried up or ran out. Therefore you start to think, “Maybe I have the right to use lip liner instead. Ns mean, it’s usually the exact same thing, right?” We’ve checked through what beauty specialists have to say about using lip liner together eyeliner.

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It transforms out the while the basic ingredients room the same, lip liners have additives the eyeliners don’t have. The eye are fragile organs, and some the the chemicals found in lip liner aren’t safe to use approximately the eyes. This way that you have to never use a lip liner in location of eyeliner.

But what precisely is the difference in between eyeliner and also lip liner that makes lip liner unsafe? and if friend can’t use lip liner, what can you use instead? proceed reading because that the answer to this questions, as well as how to do your own eyeliner.


What Is Eyeliner make Of?


People have actually been attract eyeliner for more than 5,000 years. That can even be traced back to as beforehand as old Egypt. The key ingredient in at an early stage eyeliner to be kohl; a toxic mixture made generally of lead. This particular day eyeliner is make of less toxic ingredient that space safe come use around the eyes.

The main ingredients in eyeliner space oils, waxes, clay, and also pigments. The oils, waxes, and clays job-related by forming a thin layer on her skin and also helping the liner stick. Colours such together iron oxide are supplied to make brown and also black eyeliner, if titanium dioxide is provided for white eyeliner. Eyeliner normally comes in one of two people pencil, cream, gel, or liquid form, and also the kind of eyeliner counts on the lot of each ingredient used.

What Is Lip Liner make Of That makes It Unsafe for Eyes?


There’s no saying that eye are crucial organs, however they are also delicate organs, which is why we should be extremely cautious with what we select to put close to them. Many things could get in our eyes that could reason them discomfort, harm, or even blindness. Let’s watch at particular qualities that lip liner that renders it unsafe for use roughly our eyes. 

Different amounts of Ingredients

Like eyeliner, lip liner is do of fats, waxes, and oils. What renders a difference is the amount of this ingredients. Lip liner has greater amounts of them, and also a greater amount the alcohol. These higher amounts are vital so that the lip liner doesn’t dry the end your lips but can reason irritation and discomfort to the skin approximately your eyes. If that isn’t enough, the irritation can reason you to rub your eye more, destroying your makeup.

Different Pigments

We’re certain you’ve noticed that lip liner most generally come in assorted shades that red, pink, and purple. Eyeliner comes largely in shades the black and brown. While it can sometimes be uncovered in bolder colors, they frequently aren’t as bright as the colors discovered in lip liner.

To attain this wide selection of brighter colors, some different pigments and additives have to be used. This pigments and also additives frequently have a more powerful chemical composition 보다 the ones supplied in eyeliner, and also therefore aren’t safe to use roughly the eyes.


Using lip liner as eyeliner can cause cross-contamination. Ours mouths come into call with much more things 보다 our eyes execute (think eating, drinking, etc.). Germs and also bacteria that room on ours lips can obtain transferred ~ above the lip liner. If that very same lip liner is supplied as eyeliner, then those germs are coming right into close contact with your eyes. This can cause eye irritation, discomfort, and also even infection, i beg your pardon a medical skilled needs come treat.

What deserve to You use If girlfriend Don’t have Eyeliner?

It turns out that there are a couple of points you deserve to substitute for eyeliner if you don’t have any. These points are much safer than eyeliner, and you probably already have lock on hand in your makeup bag: mascara and also eye shadow. Here’s how to use them.



For a an ext defined or specific look, mascara is an effective substitute to usage in ar of eyeliner. The properties of mascara are similar to gel or liquid eyeliner, meaning that that works great when developing makeup watch that have to be sharper. To usage mascara as eyeliner, girlfriend will require a little angled brush. Below are 2 eyeliner looks girlfriend can create with mascara.


To produce wings utilizing mascara, friend will first need come dip her mascara wand right into the pipe so that it gets plenty of fresh product top top it. Next, take her angled brush and dip it into the mascara wand to pick up the mascara. You deserve to then operation the brush follow me your eyelid together you would v normal eyeliner, starting at the inside corner and working your way to the external corner. The edge of the brush provides it straightforward to create the sharp point of a wing.


Click right here to watch this angled eyeliner brush ~ above Amazon.


For a dramatic look, you can likewise apply mascara come your lower lash line. Load the brush in the same method you would to do wings, then usage the pointed sheet to draw along your lower lash line. (Be cautious not come poke yourself in the eye!) 

You should understand that this technique may take it practice, as the brush isn’t as basic to control as one eye pencil, and the lashes might get in your way. Be ready to erase the eyeliner and start a pair of times.

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Eyeshadow can be an effective substitute for eyeliner if you want a smudged or smokey look. To usage it, take your eyeshadow brush and dampen it. Dampening the brush enables the flour to pole together, do it simpler to control and less messy. Then, use it prefer you would typical eyeliner, pressing it right into the basic of her lashes.

Another good thing about this technique is the you aren’t limited to just one color of eyeliner. If you want a an ext natural smokey eye, girlfriend can always use black or brown. Yet with so numerous eye shadow colors, girlfriend can likewise create some bold and colorful eyeliner looks!

Can You make Your own Eyeliner?

You have the right to make your own liquid eyeliner with organic ingredients that you may currently have on hand. If not, they deserve to be purchased for relatively cheap. To do your own liquid eyeliner, you will certainly need:

Activated charcoalBeeswaxCoconut oilDistilled WaterA small bowl

Activated charcoal is a type of carbon that is provided to decoding the skin. The is a flour that generally comes in capsules. This is what will give your eyeliner its black color color. Both beeswax and also coconut oil have antibacterial properties and also are great for the skin. Beeswax will make the eyeliner thick, and coconut oil will aid it to use smoothly. Water is used to manage the consistency.

How To do Your very own Liquid Eyeliner

Add two capsules of activated charcoal. Organize one capsule of set off charcoal over the bowl and also twist it apart. North the components into the bowl. Repeat v the various other capsule.Grate the beeswax (or usage beeswax pellets) till you have ⅛ tespoon and include it to the bowl.Add ⅛ tespoon of coconut oil.Mix the charcoal, beeswax, and coconut oil.Mix in the distilled water. ⅛ tespoon is recommended, however you have the right to add more or less depending upon how special you want your eyeliner come be.Store in a resealable container to keep it from drying out.


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Check out these beeswax pellets top top Amazon.

How do You use Lip Liner as Eyeshadow?

It is no recommended to usage colored lip liner around the eyes, however nude lip liner can be provided as a base for eye zero to assist make the eyeshadow last longer and also the color more intense. 

To minimization the risk of cross-contamination, purchase a different lip liner to usage as an eyeshadow base. Girlfriend should additionally avoid put on lip liner on her eyes for long periods the time and shot not to usage it too close to your lash present to cut down top top eye irritation.

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Is It safe To usage Lipstick together Eyeshadow?


We’ve currently mentioned that particular chemicals discovered in lip liner pigments can be dangerous come put roughly your eyes. The same applies to lipstick. However thanks to brand-new beauty trends, makeup that does double-duty is becoming much more popular, consisting of lipstick as eyeshadow.

If friend still want to use lipstick together eyeshadow, part brands make lipsticks that are considered to be safe to use on eyes. To understand if a lip product is safe to usage on eyes, look for a label in the description or top top the tube the says, “Eye Safe.”

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In Closing

We hope this short article helped to answer her questions. There are risks associated when using lip liner together eyeliner, so it must be used with too much caution or not at all. If you’re the end of eyeliner, use just lip products labeled as safe because that eyes, instead of mascara or eye shadow, or make your own. Thanks for reading!