The Legend that Zelda: The 10 Hardest Heart piece To discover In A attach To The past (& where To uncover Them)

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A connect to the Past introduced a lot of firsts for Zelda, through Heart pieces being some of the most substantial– here\"s exactly how to gain the hardest ones.

The Legend the Zelda: A attach To The Past is still taken into consideration one that the best Zelda games ever before made, even virtually thirty years after it was released. It\"s a standard that has actually stood the check of time and offers one amazing Zelda suffer for both newbies and returning players.

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Collecting pieces of mind all started in A connect to the Past. Concealed all throughout the overworld, collecting love pieces rises your max health. Many are fairly easy to find, however there space some that room trickier come find and also require a bit of leg work to find. Here\"s the 10 hardest people to find in Link to the Past, and also how to uncover them.

reaching this Heart piece is actually quite easy. It\"s simply south the Kakariko Village, with the bombable wall surface in the house with the red roof. On the other side there\"ll be a lady that will let you contend in a race. That\"s where things get a little trickier together you require to end up the race in under 15 seconds.

Finishing the gyeongju in under 15 seconds is almost impossible if no for a hidden jump that\"ll permit you come skip a section of the race and shave seconds off her time. When you reach a sign on the path, walk down and also you\"ll jump end the barrier and arrive in ~ the end much quicker.

This Heart item can\"t be reached until you get Zora\"s Flippers indigenous King Zora, however once you have actually them, head to the northeast corner of the map. Alternatively, simply head southern from the Zora.

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Swim over the an initial waterfall. Before the 2nd waterfall, head west and also follow the shallow water until you with land. Continue heading west till you uncover the love Piece. It\"s no the most daunting Heart piece to get, but it is one of the easiest to miss.

This love Piece can be acquired while perfect the Desert royal residence dungeon, but just like the other dungeons, it\"s straightforward to gain lost in the labyrinth layout for this reason it\"s likely you might miss this one.

indigenous the dungeon\"s entrance, head up until you watch a Beamos, then take the left path. ~ that, head up one screen, then left, climate down. Go v the door at the bottom of the room and head the end the southern exit. You\"ll find yourself ~ above a cliff. Then, just head south until you discover the heart Piece.

This heart Piece, just like several various other Heart Pieces, needs you come switch between the light World and the Dark World, so the can get confusing do the efforts to find it. Head to the northwest corner of the ice Lake in the Dark World.

as soon as there, you\"ll discover a circle of stones about a job of shallow water that you deserve to stand on. Use the Magic mirror to warp to Lake Hylia in the light World and you\"ll be on an island that was formerly inaccessible wherein you\"ll discover this heart Piece.

This Heart piece is basic to get in theory however it have the right to easily end up being one of the many frustrating. It deserve to be found in the village of Outcasts, the Dark people version the Kakariko Village, in the structure with a endowment chest ~ above the roof.

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inside you\"ll discover a room full of chests and also a male near the door. Salary him 30 Rupees to play this video game of chance. It\"s simple enough: there\"s a Heart item in one of the chests and also you\"re only permitted to open up two chest. Since it\"s random, you\"re unlikely to uncover it on your an initial go and will have to keep payment to beat the game.

southern of the item shop close to the Skeleton woodland in the Dark World, you\"ll uncover a ledge v a heart Piece. You generally wouldn\"t be able to accessibility it the an initial time you come across it, yet once you acquire both the Hookshot & the Magic Cape, you deserve to come ago for it.

go into the cave listed below the ledge and also follow the path until you with the second floor. There\"s a feet there that was previously inaccessible that you have the right to Hookshot across. Store heading down and also use the Magic Cape to get through the bumper prevent the way. Head to the end of the cave and also the Heart piece is yours.

for this heart Piece, head under to the Ghostly Garden in the Dark World and also make your method to the north side of the garden. You\"ll need either the Pegasus Boots or the Titan\"s Mitt to obtain through the obstacles, however, and the Magic mirror to acquire the heart Piece.

in ~ the north next of the area, rise the ladder and use the Magic winter to warp to Hyrulean Cemetery whereby you should see a cave. Enter the cave and bomb the north wall to discover the heart Piece.

like the game of opportunity Heart Piece, this Heart item is simple to acquire in theory, but incredibly frustrating in practice. You\"ll find the Treasure ar in the same area as the 15-second race yet in the Dark World.

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You must shell out 80 Rupees to play a digging game where you have actually 30 seconds to dig up as much as you can. Since the ar of the Heart item is completely randomized every time girlfriend play, be ready to invest a the majority of time and also Rupees make the efforts to destruction up this item of Heart.

native the entrance of turtle Rock, head west then southern until you reach a big boulder. Lift it and head within the entrance it reveals. In the cavern you\"ll come to a gap in the route that seems like you can\"t cross, but there\"s actually an invisible bridge.

as soon as you\"ve found and also crossed the invisible bridge, bomb the wall surface and you\"ll be in a room with three cracked walls. Bomb the left one and go through, climate head the end the exit at the bottom of the room. Use the Magic Mirror and also you\"ll finally get this heart Piece.

located in the same basic area as the vault entry, this Heart piece is simply as arduous, if no more, to get. In the lava-filled room v pipes in tortoise Rock, take the left pipe and go v the door in ~ the end of it. Head south then west and you\"ll find a door leading outside.

Outside, head right and use the Magic mirror to warp come the light World. Head inside the cave and also you\"ll eventually uncover the room with a endowment chest containing this love Piece.

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