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PV Interconnection

The bulk of united state residential and commercial PV systems space grid-interactive (or grid-tied), which way that they space designed to have the ability to export excess strength to the energy grid. Fiddle occurs when the power generated by the solar mechanism is higher than the power used by the tons on site. A photovoltaic device will be offered permission to connect with the strength grid only after a officially approval has been approve by the utility. The process through i m sorry a energy verifies a solar system’s compliance to its technical and administrative needs is frequently referred to together interconnection process.


The interconnection process runs in parallel through the permitting process. Throughout this process, the local Authority having Jurisdiction (AHJ) verifies the system’s compliance come the National electric Code, Fire code and other local standards. When the AHJ and the utility company will normally not connect during the process, they will require and recognize each other’s approval documents.

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During the interconnection process, utilities certify the a PV device meets the following general requirements:

a) The power exported to the grid is measurable and compliant through the grid’s standards in terms of voltage, frequency, strength quality. That the tools used is certified

b) The AC next of the PV device (between the inverter and the utility meter) meets the utility’s safety demands (labeling, place of equipment, connection to electrical panel)

c) The power and energy produced to satisfy the net metering regime requirements

To gather the essential information around the propose system, utilities usually call for that an interconnection applications is submitted to their interconnection department. The application might be it is registered by the account holder or, as soon as properly designated, through the contractor that designs and also installs the PV system. The interconnection applications usually includes professional technological drawings, together as website plans and an electric diagram.

In the parallel permit process, the AHJ will finish the investigate and, as soon as passed, will problem a signed final permit.

Once the utility has received the approved last permit, it will schedule an inspection of the set up system. During the website visit, performed by qualified energy personnel, the solar device will be tested, and, if necessary, revenue meters mounted and/or replaced. Once the mechanism is approved, the utility will notify the account holder and the installer, which will then be able to turn on the system and also export power to the utility grid.

Connection come the main Panel

Grid-interactive systems have actually a physical link to the existing electrical equipment, which is electrically continuous with the power grid. The technical requirements for interconnecting a customer-owned generator are listed in a technical record (usually called Electrical service Requirements) that is released by the energy company. The physical connection to the electric equipment can be excellent according to among the adhering to methods:

Circuit breaker connection: The AC wires native the inverter are linked to the electric panel through a circuit breaker. This is the most common type of link with residential systems and is always enabled by utilities. The is additionally used with commercial applications, anytime the key panel is able to accommodate the PV backfeed current.

The overcurrent protection devices are the key circuit breaker and the PV backfeed circuit breaker in the electric panel.


Image courtesy of home power Magazine


Load-side tap connection: applied when there space no circuit breaker slot available. The wires are connected directly come the currently wires, in between the electrical panel and (on the load side of) the key breaker. Part utilities carry out not permit this link or carry out so only if it is approved by a expert electrician. The overcurrent protection an equipment is the main breaker. Some utilities, however, may likewise require a fused AC disconnect between the inverter and also the tap location.

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Line-side insanity connection: This an approach requires the the wires native the inverter are connected to the company wires ~ above the heat side of the circuit breaker. This link is really rarely enabled for residential systems but is increasingly common in advertising systems. Utilities usually call for that the architecture for this connection and the installation are approved by a skilled electrician. When the utility engineers have approved the heat side madness connection, it is necessary that a transformer strength shutdown is scheduled, to enable the electric contractor to perform the connection on wires that space otherwise connected to the utility grid.