In this week's New York Magazine, Lindsay Lohan attempts to channel Marilyn Monroe through nudity, a blonde wig, and also buckets and also buckets of emptiness. If you've ever before wondered "Hey, what would certainly this haunting photograph look like if stripped of all its power, soul, and also weight?" Now you have actually your answer: it looks hollow, and more than a small sad.

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It's obvious why someone in Lohan's position would certainly re-create an iconic series of photos of a renowned actress teetering on the brink of death: She likes Marilyn..and also she needs the job-related and also the tabloid-complimentary exposure.

Though Lohan's willingness to reprise the photos can seem a sly nod to her scandalous previous, the actress readily available a straightforward explacountry. "I didn't have to put much believed right into it. I suppose, Bert Stern? Doing a Marilyn shoot? When is that ever going to come up? It's really an honor."

Lohan viewed the shoot as a theatrical performance, as a opportunity to inhabit the duty of an idol. "I wanted to portray the book and also acquire it point-on as much as I might, to bring it ago to life," she said.

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Still, Lohan have to watch out. She may not see the photos as a dark foreshadowing of her own tragic, early demise, but, uh, New York Magazine absolutely does. In truth, I'm pretty sure that, currently that they have actually her "last" photos, they desire her dead:

Lohan referred to as Monroe's suicide "tragic," and then added, elliptically, "You know, it's likewise tragic what just newly happened to someone else." I asked whether she was referring to Heath Ledger. She nodded: "They are both prime examples of what this sector deserve to execute to someone." Why some and also not others, I asked, since it has actually regularly seemed that the thrice-rehabbed Lohan might meet a similar fate. Lohan responded via a flicker of annoyance: "I don't know. I'm not them. But I sure as hell wouldn't let it occur to me."