Track number 6 turn off of Lil Wayne’s Dedication 5 mixtape. This tune samples affluent Homie Quans song “Type of Way”

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My niggas to be stuntin' since way back whenCNN, I gained news because that you hatersI'm a nasty ass nigga, ask her bitch, ns ain't lying69, that's a favor for a favorThem hoes bitin' lock lip, reason when ns say shit prefer that she feel some type of wayI hit that from the front, from the side, indigenous the back, ns hit that all kind of waysShe litter it in ~ me favor I'm just one to win awaySometimes life is difficult to swallow, yet she choose to tasteDing-ding-ding-ding-ding mine lawyer fight the caseI acquired them flower in me, ns feel choose a vaseMonsters in mine closet no much more closet spaceNiggas want to it is in this fly, too plenty of flights come takeEnough with the small talk, my girl pussy is a water-parkEvery small thing I do turn her on; that's autostartI kiss every solitary body part, her body is a job-related of artI'm way too high, she skirt too short, ns think i love her, that was just a thoughtI pop up in the coupe 'bout to go back to the futureAnd she said, "Tune, not in mine mouth," damn you should've claimed it soonerI it is in shittin' on this niggas, favor I'm sippin' MetamucilAnd we smokin' on the gas, happen it like "excuse you"And it's 6-6-2's Piru every day, my niggaBefore these niggas play through us, they'll pat dead, mine niggaAnd if friend lookin' because that me, I'll be on these bitches' mindThese niggas chicken and also I've never seen a chicken flyMy bitch been fussin' at me about nothin'Ain't no tellin' what she'd carry out if I replace herLike bae, I'm straight, there's lot of fish and also I'm baitWe can't even have a kind conversation

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I pop the seal on mine sip and also she it is in like, "See, you gon' drink her life away"Bitch it's mine life, mine life, mine life shout out mary JAnd tell castle boys that beef tastes like a slice of cakeAnd old folks acquire shot too, they compose down patent platesI hope that ho don't contact sayin' she cycle lateAll this fucking gotta stop, but I need tighter brakesAnd don't run from this dick girl, i don't like to chaseI wax that ass, she make the Mr. Miyagi faceAnd she ain't all that pretty, however I prefer her shapeThey say number don't lie, she shaped like a 8She say she ain't no dyke, but she gon' dyke todayIt's curtains because that these niggas i feel like some drapes.We turnt up niggas, burned up, protect against the microwaveThis shit might cost us our life, yet that's the price us payI'm hotter than the peppers Peter Piper ateThis the Dedication 5, whattup 5?Ay Tune' ns gotta revolve up ~ above the D5 man!Hustle Gang, bang, green mean, anybody acquire itAnything we'll do for the paperAnd us live this shit, speak slick acquire kill'tGot nothin' yet a tool for a hater (Spent 100K on mine wrist nigga!)This flooded rollie do you feel some kind of way (I recognize it do!)Your ho be on me, understand you feel some kind of means (I take her ho!)The automobile I'm drivin' do you feel some form of way (They can't bought this nigga!)The cash i gettin' do you feeling some kind of method (Bankrolls-R-Us!)This form of way, understand you feeling some kind of way (Hustle corridor my nigga!)That shit ain't hot, we out here poppin' that's every I can say (G.D.O.D!)My only difficulty is tryin' to decision what I'mma drive now (Hustle gang my nigga!)We shine every in castle face, I understand they feeling some kind of wayI wake up up in a multi-million dollar crib obtain dressed I arrangement on having actually a nicer dayWhen this punk ass rappers store my name in castle mouth, prefer they some type of gayYou recognize me dog, so watch what you say (You better watch her mouth!)We ain't play no gamings with her lame ass nigga, fuckboy you deserve to die today (I swear you can!)I keep a chopper in my backseat, in reality it's mine Glock partner (My Glock, partner!)Play stunner if you want to, fuck around and also get shot companion (Get shot partner!)I don't like these niggas, and also really fuck these niggasTalk crazy in ya raps if girlfriend want, as soon as you see me girlfriend won't touch me nigga! (Won't touch me niggas!)Ball all approximately in my flip flop, friend think guideline soft? well then why don’t you try meIf you really gon' be dramatic, us gon' to require some music, they queuein' the violinI'm talking sluggish singing, flower bringingEmpty a clip in girlfriend earing, and also you chest thing, and also you out the doorThis flooded rollie make you feeling some form of method (I know it do!)Your ho it is in on me, understand you feeling some type of method (I take her ho!)The automobile I’m driving do you feel some kind of means (They can’t afford this nigga!)The cash I obtain it make you feel some form of method (Bankrolls-R-Us!)