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Turn the music under in mine headphones, (Yeah) the noise in the lift that"s my skateboard... The nigga Mack crazy... I placed my shooters on castle feetI just provide em" yo deal with and go to sleepThe money revolve my niggas right into monstersThe white don" turned mine niggas into Nazi"s lordThe money revolve my face into a stockingDon"t do me turn yo baby to a hostage boyyyDon"t do me turn the child to a FosterMy Woman turn my dick into a mazda lordBody harbor in the duffel, the bullets rotate your human body to a puzzleThe money rotate my bitch right into a monster she know how to acquire a check and turn a 0 to a comma lordThe money rotate my niggas right into killasThe sugar turned the cocaine come VanillaThe money turned the bitches right into hoesThe money turned my niggas into foes lord... I placed my shooters on castle feetGive em" yo deal with and ns go the end to eatHad the Snowman in the hood favor Jody BreezeShe indigenous the hood but look prefer she native overseasI say "Girl you understand I Love You and I care for yaI gained some new shoes and also a bag the hair for ya"She say "Fuck these various other niggas they ain"t fifty percent of yaJust save laughing come the bank, it"s hilarious"I got a stay at house Gun and a travel gunBoy we deserve to sell white in AfricaIt"s favor I can"t explain, yall request me come spitNow I"m drooling on mine chain what occurred to Wayne?I"m like host up wait a second, yall thought I was second?Hating ~ above a champ throw salt and not confettiWe traction up and we shooting then us park the car and also at itWatch me pull up with no roof that"s reason I to walk the dog and pet it, I"m like hold up wait a minute yall assumed I to be finished?Shoot you in her head then just walk off prefer I didn"tLet mine money talk so lot put my jawbone outta businessDoing number in this bitch I"m prefer a smart bone with the digits, Bitch! riding round with the volume down, through the home windows up and the choppers downSoon together we get to yo block it"s the fucking other way aroundMy bitch speak I"m also wild she don"t also know why she continue to be aroundI obtain home and I penis her down now she talking bout" exchange the vowsIf these bullets was repaint balls I could fuck around and I could paint a houseYou can tell ns pimpin" the way I hit the blunt through my pinky outI bring Wine to Amy residence we smoke the out and we drank the out, and talk about these pussy niggas the ain"t about what Wayne aboutI"m hanging the end a mussane there is no a mind is outta his mindI pull end I push a switch it readjust like Optimus PrimeSpeaking of adjust it"s a shame how these lames dropping them dimesWe target at your grape knock it off now you just VinesBlood gang red rain on these niggas warm if you dryMy gang height of the heat yelling out "Squad take it it outside!"Imma tax player, imma Axe player, obtaining in with the earlier wayer, Red double to the Blue collar unenvelope black color mailFed up v the Fed shit and also Fed-ex shed my packageMy white girls say "Yeah nigga" my white homies act blackishAin"t tall enough for the NBA, i ain"t huge enough for the NFLShouldve been in N.W.A. Crap the police, 5-0 and 12One time If you don"t psychic bitch, never say nevermind bitchYou a penny quick of a dime bitch no rash outta nonsense the was no bitch, Yeah! Born come murder bank account ~ above fat bustin" out the girdleTellem boys and also nothing sweet it"s sauerkraut Ya heard me?They uncover ya body in brand-new Orleans native Mardi Gras ~ above BourbonLike five lord! Humphrey BogartIt"s a bird it"s a plane, it"s a crowbarFor the many part, I"m the southern coastline guard... Ak-47 spitting flame prefer a blow torchSorry 4 The Wait