1, 2, 3, allows goLittle mama display me how you relocate itGo head-putcha ago into itDo your thing like there aint nothin to itShake...shh..shh..shake the ass girl (x2)Go, go, go, 50 in the home - bounce, y"all currently know what I"m aboutTha circulation sounds sick end dre" north niggaI ain"t stupid - I view doc climate ma dope come quickerWhoa!Shorty hips is hypnotic, she moves is for this reason erotic, but watch - I"m prefer bounce the ass girlI get it crunk in here, i make it jump in here, former in here, we"ll thump in hereOooohhI"m so gutta, for this reason ghetto, therefore hoodSo gully, therefore grimey, what"s good?Outside the benz ~ above dubsI"m in the club wit the snubsDon"t begin nothin", the won"t be nothin"UuuhhhLittle mamaShow me exactly how you relocate itGo head-putcha ago into itDo her thing choose there aint nothin to itShake.. ..shh..shh..shake the ass girlLet"s party, everybody was standing upEverybody put ya hand upLet"s party, everybody bounce v meSip champagne, and also burn a little greeneryThis hotDisco inferno, let"s goYou are currently rockin v a proI get told to upper and lower reversal dough to get more, fo sho"Get mine drink on then obtain on the dance floorLook homie ns don"t dance all I do is thisIt"s the exact same 2-step v a lil" twistListen pimpin" i ain"t new to this, I"m true come thisPay fist boy, ns teach just how to carry out this shitYou mix a lil" environment-friendly with a small don perignonAnd a lil" hennessy, you know we "finna lug onHollerin" in ~ this bitch in da club tryin" to gain rightWe gonna be up in this bitch "til us break daylightLil" mama show me just how you move itGo head- putcha ago into itDo ya thing prefer there aint nothin to itShake...shh..shh..shake that ass girlYou check out me shinin", lit up v diamonds cos I remain grindin"Uh-huhHomie friend can catch me swoopin bentley coupe switchin lanes.U watch me rollin, you know I"m holdin, I"m around my paper, yeahN*gga I"m serious, ns ain"t playin", I"m embeded in ya brain, I"m turn off the chainG-unit!Next level now, revolve it increase a notchEm and dre sent out me come tear up the spotFront top top me, oh no, you recognize I"m locoHands increase on the dance floor, yes sir let"s go!Lil" mama display me how you move itGo head-putcha back into itDo ya thing like there aint nothin to itShake...shake..shh..shh..shake the ass girl

"The Massacre" album track list

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