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We create about, and curate, world War II background on carolannpeacock.com. As soon as freedom and democracy to be in peril, an entire generation answered the call. It might be hard for united state to imagine, but our grandparents and great-grandparents - as soon as they were young like us -...
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Here is a West point memorial to Lieutenant Henry Jones, the butter bar played by Colin Hanks in HBO’s tape of Brothers. The poor guy died in a car accident prior to he can get home!

“Being the son of Henry S. Jones, who was among the initial members of the Lafayette Escadrille, Hank had the spirit and desire because that adventure born within him. During his childhood in Erie, PA and also Dunkirk, NY, these qualities were first manifested by an attempt to join the French foreign Legion. Prevented indigenous this through his family, he chose a less spectacular approach to the armed forces career and also entered West Point….. After ~ graduation, he went to the Infantry school at Ft. Benning. Over there he join the cook discussions around the parachute troops, and feeling that this form of duty could satisfy his desires, he transferred to the Parachute School. There, with 31 of his classmates, he obtained an intensified and also shortened course in the id that he would certainly be sent out overseas immediately upon perfect of the training. However, once he got his jump wings, he to be sent, v the remainder of his classmates, come the 13th Airborne department at Camp McCall, NC. Over there he to be assigned to a Glider Infantry Regiment and also soon to be sporting Glider wing in enhancement to his run wings. Finally in December ‘44, the 13th Airborne department had too many agency grade officers, and so Hank and also 15 the his classmate-parachutists to be sent overseas as replacements to the XVIIIth Airborne Corps in Germany. Hank to be assigned come the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne department as a platoon leader. That acquitted self well in combat, earning 3 bronze business stars. He was wounded while leading a patrol but completed his mission successfully and was subsequently awarded the purple Heart…. The termination of hostilities found Hank through the 506th ~ above the outskirts of Bertchesgaden racing for the Eagle’s Nest. During the subsequesnt month of shakeup and also demobilization…Hank received a carry to the 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment (Sep) in Frankfurt am key in Germany….. After ~ a year in the 508th….he was moved to the 970th C.I.C. Losing in august of "46. He to be assigned to the Berlin Region, wherein he was subsequently made a field office commander…. Once Hank was hurt in a jeep wreck in Heidelberg……Hank recovered from the jeep wreck, other than for a minor challenge which necessitated an operation. So, when he regained his health, he entered the 279th basic Hospital in Berlin to experience the operation prior to his expected go back to the States. The operation was unsuccessful and Hank passed away in the hospital in the night of July 21, 1947.”

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In the seventeenth thing of Saint Luke it is created "the kingdom the God is within man.” no one man, no one a team of men, yet in all men. In you, the people. Friend the civilization have the power, the strength to produce machines, the strength to create happiness. Friend the civilization have the power to make life free and beautiful, to do this life a exorbitant adventure. - Charlie Chaplin