Bridges the gap between simple riding boards and also the hp shortboard. A speedy combo of low enattempt rocker, wide-ish nose, forward wide suggest and also a generous concave fulfill a performance tail rocker, double concave with the fins and also the exact same kind of bump squash you find on a challenge HP shortboard. It looks basic yet periodically much less is more and also tbelow is a lot packed into this little bit board.*Fins NOT includedWhat are B-Grades?

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Lib Tech is dedicated to board riding and also hands on high technology board structure. We have actually invested a lifetime of surfing, shaping and working with alternative, high performance, environmentally friendly materials and constructions. Timeless surfboard building and construction has constantly felt too delicate and also the develop procedure is toxic and unhealthy for the earth and also craftscivilization. We know tbelow had to be a means...

Mike Olchild and also our experiMENTAL department applied our 35+ years of hands on board building endure to the task of structure a far better surfboard. In the process we entirely recreated the book on surfboard construction. Eexceptionally component we use in our ecoIMPACTO surf building and construction is completely new to the surf sector. Our Thermo fusion procedure radically minimizes resin exposure and sanding while creating amazingly long lasting, environmentally friendly, high performance surf structures that will certainly free your mind and also lift your surfing to brand-new heights.


FCS II compatible!Two Tab compatible via 1/2” fin adjustability for exact tuning of your boards surf characteristicsStronger and lighter box
Tough & Resilient!High impact and also break toughness fiberGreat rebound / memory
Smooth & Strong!Pure additive-free mineral fiberNatural dampening propertiesBreak and also affect resistant
Dynamic energy & resilient flexTension spread to carbon fiberRebound energy returnPerfect flex tuning
Strong, Light, WaterproofEnvironmentally friendly nitrogen blowing agentElliptical engineered cells act prefer a column offering stiffness from peak to bottom and also “nerf-like” elasticity in side impactRecycled: 25-40% recycled content, 100% of off cuts recycled
Strong & Smooth!Smooth riding vibration absorption layerImpact and ding resistant

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Strong & Nice!Low VOC glycerin based chemistrySurfs smooth like a brand-new polyester boardLonger lifeexpectations than epoxy