Not also a week-long hiatus native Secrets and also Lies could lug us much closer to finding out who murdered Kate, yet at least things room actually starting to look at up because that Eric. JK, Eric is in deep. At the very least that’s what it was looking prefer in critical week’s episode many thanks to three civilization who can just cause a much more problems for him.

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First on the list is Danny… as in the man who assaulted Neil. After Liam coincidentally stopped showing up to work following Kate’s death, Eric decided to examine out his apartment and ended up running right into Danny. After Danny tosses Liam’s apartment (and Eric a times), we discover out the he’s not actually searching for Liam every se, he’s searching for a teenage girl named Carly. She to be at Eric’s party the night that Kate’s death and also hasn’t been seen since. Eric knows nothing about her disappearance so, for now, he’s left unharmed. But someone who could not be unharmed is…



Tina Sawyer… as in, the woman that probably just whispered part sweet nothings right into Detective Cornell’s ear. Tina is one of Eric’s ex-girlfriends. Supposedly things were walking swell through her for a while, until she went every Fatal Attraction on the (minus the cook rabbit) and also threatened to record domestic violence charges versus him complying with their break-up. Detective Cornell carried her in because that questioning in an attempt to construct a case versus Eric, but, in a really awkward scene in i beg your pardon Eric finds Tina standing outside of his apartment door, she assures him the she didn’t call the detective anything. And, together it transforms out, Detective Cornell finds out that Tina accused several other males of residential violence and also decided come drop it, also requesting the the judge who granted Eric a restraining order against Tina expand said restraining order. Means to go, Cornell.

1. Eric finds out that Kate met up with her ex, Shane Campbell, at a sleazy motel therefore he could install tracking software program on her iPad. Shane was hoping that Kate required the software application to monitor a possibly-cheating Eric, but Eric claims she to be probably simply tracking the money she sent out to whomever was blackmailing him. Cue the downpour on Shane’s “Eric-is-cheating-on-Kate” parade.

2. Kate remained in the center of investigating Liam after finding out that he had actually opened several countless credit cards utilizing the names of few of the company’s investors. Eric allows John know that, because she to be onto him, Liam might have had actually something to perform with Kate’s death, and also that lock should probably tell the police. But John disagrees v the idea and also suggests the they bury it, citing the bringing this to the police can possibly mess through the stays of their employees and their investors. He speak Eric to trust him top top this one, but I’ll take it a wild guess and say this isn’t walking to end well. (Note: i hesitant of john last main after Detective Cornell thanked the for acquisition out his coin purse and sprinkling his pocket adjust to do a donation come the police department.)

3. After acquisition a look at at several of the protection footage from the night of the party, Eric look at Liam hop into a mysterious car and also drive off through an unknown person. That takes a display grab the the car’s license plate and, through some assist from Amanda, he’s maybe to find out wherein the owner that said automobile lives. The episode ends with him arriving to the driver’s house yet — surprise! — Danny is currently inside trying to gain the bad girl come fess up. He even invites Eric to come inside and also assist him, an invitation that Eric reluctantly accepts.

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So below we are, much less than 5 TV minutes after Eric quit being the prime doubt of a killing investigation, the town hall him perhaps dig himself into an also deeper hole. This need to be interesting.

episode grade: B+

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