The LG phone and various other Android phones users occasionally face the concern of invalid battery difficulty. They charge the phone correctly yet an invalid battery error shows up and also the phone turns off. The individuals have actually tried utilizing a various battery and also various charges yet still no luck. Here is exactly how to resolve the invalid battery trouble in LG phones, various other Android phones.

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Fix Invalid Battery Problem in LG Phones, Other Android Phones

Contact Device Manufacturer

The initially and forethe majority of solution you must try to resolve invalid battery trouble in LG phones, other Android phones is to call your gadget manufacturer. Tbelow are possibilities that your tool is facing hardware or software difficulty which only the tool manufacturer can settle.


Clear Cache

To settle the invalid battery problem in LG phones, other Android phones, clear your phone’s cache. Go to your phone’s Settings and also then go to General. Under the General tab, go to storage and then cached information. Click on the clear cache. Upon confirmation, tap on yes to clear cached data. Then, reboot your phone.


Factory Reset

To factory reset your LG phone or various other Android phones, go to your phone’s Setups and also then go to the Backup and also Reset. Now, uninspect automatic gain back and also factory reset your phone. Before you manufacturing facility recollection your phone, make sure you have actually backed up your information to prevent any loss. For factory recollection of the LG phone, organize power and volume up button simultaneously. Quick release and also then hold the power button again as soon as LG logo design shows up. This might solve the invalid battery trouble in LG phones, other Android phones.


Battery Contacts

Anvarious other solution you have the right to try is to clean your battery contacts via a piece of fabric. The battery contacts are the 4 gold strips on the top of the battery. Make certain there is no ppost or any sort of debris on the contacts. Also, clean the pins versus which the contacts are pressed. Take a needle or a toothpick and also extremely softly gain behind each pin and lift it up a tiny bit. The pins obtain bfinish easily so be incredibly gentle and also mindful. The pins should bulge out so that when you put the battery in, all the 4 pins touch the battery properly.

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Remove Battery

A basic solution you can attempt is to remove the battery from your phone for practically 12 hours and also it rearea it back aget. Finally, turn on your phone. This might settle the invalid battery difficulty in LG phones, various other Android phones.