Andy Boxall/Digital TrendsThe LG V20 is an exceptional smartphone through a sleek style, wonderful audio top quality, and also an excellent set of cameras. In spite of its many kind of highs, but, tbelow are some lows. These amount to a handful of troubles that owners have been experiencing given that the phone’s release last year. There aren’t enough bugs and also glitches to streatment civilization amethod from the device, certain, but they’re good to know around all the exact same.

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Problem: Battery drain

Battery drainpipe is a common trouble among smartphones, however through the V20, the problem seems to be even more widespreview. People are talking about the phone’s battery life on forums at Android Central, XDA Developers, and Verizon, claiming their batteries are draining far even more conveniently than meant, sometimes after just a few hrs and via minimal to average use. The problem has appeared on Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and also Sprint versions of the hardware.

Potential solutions:

Restart your phone and see if the battery drain persists.Check to view if an app is draining the battery by going to Settings > General > Battery & power conserving > Battery intake. Check for an update for that application, or delete it and check out if the battery life boosts. Many type of have said rerelocating Facebook and also other related apps choose Messenger, as they have actually been known to drainpipe batteries conveniently.Try the Battery Saver feature. Enable and also customize this by going to Setups > General > Battery & power saving > Battery saver. Clear the Cache Partition:Go to Settings > General (if you have that option) > Storage. When the web page loads, tap Cached information > Yes. The time it takes for this procedure to finish will differ based upon the dimension of the information.On T-Mobile devices: Settings > General > Storage & USB > Internal storage. Wait for the page to load, then tap Cached data > OK.You deserve to additionally try a manufacturing facility recollection. You deserve to carry out this by going to Setups > General > Backup & reset, then tap either LG Backup or Back up my data to backup your crucial information. Afterward, go to Setups > General > Back-up & reset > Factory information recollection.

Issue: Fast charging also slow

Users on this Android Central thcheck out have apparently been unable to gain the V20’s fast charging feature to work-related as intended. The tools educate their users that it will take at leastern 4 hours to fully charge. Trying brand-new charging cables, wiping the cache partition, restarting the phone, and also removing and also reinserting the battery have faibrought about work.

Potential solutions:

Once again, the Facebook household of apps have actually been cited as the culprits due to their tendency to drain the battery. Consider uninstalling them and accessing Facebook with your browser.Background apps that are constantly running could also be affecting the battery drain. Before rapid charging your gadget, close any apps running in the background by tapping the Recent apps key (the square button on the Home screen), then tap the ‘X’ to cshed it, or tap Clear All to close every application that appears.

Problem: Fingerprint scanner isn’t working

We when aobtain look to the Android Central forums, wright here a number of civilization are having actually difficulties through their phone’s fingerprint scanner. The sensor does not acknowledge their fingerprint and retransforms via the message “fingerprint not functioning, if trouble persists rebegin phone.” Pulling the battery, factory resets, and resetting the fingerprints have not had a lot success for many type of.

Potential solutions:

Clean the scanner and also the area approximately it. Dust and dirt can interrupt the scan.If your fingers are wet, or if you’re in a very dry area, the sdeserve to might not work as supposed. For the latter, a construct up of static power deserve to have actually an unfavorable impact on the scan.If the plastic film that extended the scanner is still there, then remove it, as it might be interfering through the scan.Protective instances have been sassist to mess up the shave the right to sometimes. If you use a situation, try removing it, and attempt the shave the right to aobtain, or attempt another instance.Some human being have stated that using a lighter touch on the scanner (simply bacount emotional it) will certainly lead to a successful scan, as opposed to using a heavier touch.

Issue: Speaker Audio Distortion

Many type of human being on the XDA Developers forums, and also a few on T-Mobile’s forums, have complained around the audio top quality of their phone’s speaker, with a decent number saying their speaker has actually blown out. When watching a video clip, audio is plagued by crackling, popping, and also static, and also it’s unclear what caused the problem to start via. Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T devices have actually also been influenced.

Potential solutions:

LG released an upday in December that addressed an issue with the speakerphone, especially the bug that reasons the speaker to be blvery own out, however it hasn’t assisted everyone suffering this specific issue. You can inspect that you’re approximately day via Setups > About phone > Software updays > Check for update.Because this is likely a hardware issue, your ideal finest is to reach out to LG or your carrier for repairs or to gain a replacement. If your phone is still extended by the warranty, you must be fine.

Issue: Bluetooth audio high quality is poor, choppy, or skips

Like the battery drainpipe problem over, Bluetooth issues are additionally common through smartphones. On the XDA Developers forums, many customers have actually reported having various problems when connecting their LG V20 to their Bluetooth tools, including headphones and also cars. Solutions to this difficulty vary, however are very equivalent to other services through various other smartphones.

Potential solutions:

Turning dvery own the volume on the phone itself enhanced audio for a small handful of world.Clear the cache for the Bluetooth app by going to Setups > General > Apps. Tap the All filter, then tap the Bluetooth application > Storage > Clear cache (or Clear Data) > Yes.Reset your Bluetooth settings by going to Setups > General > Back-up & reset > Network settings recollection. Then re-pair the gadgets by going to Settings > Netfunctions > Bluetooth, then toggle the switch on to enable it. Devices you can pair with have to show up (or tap Search to refresh the list). Tap the gadget you desire to pair with and also follow the on-display instructions.Some customers found success or renovations by pairing their Bluetooth devices, but not syncing contacts, or by disabling their vehicle’s Wi-Fi.The V20 has a feature recognized as Smart Settings that have the right to be provided to automatically change particular settings based upon location or intake. You can usage these settings to turn off Wi-Fi once you leave house (or the range of a known/trusted Wi-Fi connection), avoiding your phone from constantly connecting to outside wireless relationships and also potentially affecting your Bluetooth audio, such as as soon as utilizing streaming services favor Spotify or Google Play Music. You have the right to find and adjust these settings by going to Settings > General > Smart settings.

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That’s it for our advice on solving a rare problem you may encounter through the LG V20. We’ll update if any type of even more are uncovered.