So i recently have embarked top top a pursuit to beat all Zelda games prior to BotW2 come out. So I assumed it would certainly be funny to rank every one of the adversaries from worst come best.

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I am basing the rating on exactly how fun and an overwhelming the adversary is without being cheap and also annoying

I’m using the Zelda Dungeon perform of enemies

Enemy variations counts together the same enemy.

I’m no counting adversaries you can’t kill. This i m so sad excludes the bubbles, that wold most likely take the bottom spot otherwise.

Disclaimer I have actually not played the totality of second quest, just beat around 5 dungeons before I was about to tear my eyes out.

With that the end of the way, we have 26 enemies to location so below we go:


The finest enemy in Zelda 1 is by far Patra. They don’t present up until the last dungeon, i m sorry is a shame, since fighting castle is a blast. You need to take out every one of its children before the main one is vulnerable, which is quite facility for simply a constant enemy in 1987. Lastly taking them out and being may be to obtain that key one as soon as its usually defenseless (even though ns admittedly have taken access time from it way to numerous times) is really satisfying.


The original Darknuts are around as close to an actual sword fight you get in this game. They deserve to only be damaged from the sides and the ago which renders them really tricky. It deserve to feel a little bit cheap once you’re in a room with choose seven that them, but as whole they really test your mobility in the video game like no various other enemy. Other than when lock are combined with Bubbles, yet Bubbles make everything worse.


While not as crazy together they space in BotW, the OG Lynels still to fill the same purpose in the game overall: If you’re no prepared, you’re around to obtain smashed. Lock shoot sword beams (?) at you if you was standing in prior of castle which deal several damage. There is no the blue ring (double defense) they room absolutely ruthless and they offer as efficient gatekeepers that the final dungeon.


The an initial enemy you conference in Zelda 1 is a staple of the series, and I applaud the developer for no making the an initial enemy just a “danger touch” enemy. The rocks have the right to be clogged by your shield i beg your pardon teaches you right away come be aware of your facing and they pose a perfect balanced difficulty when you’re simply beginning.


The experience of fighting a Lanmola is an extremely dependent on the layout the the room. Ns can’t mental fighting one in a room with no terrain, and also thank God because that that since it would have actually likely to be a shitshow since the orange version moves waaaay too rapid for you to have the ability to react.. Cut at that in the eye till it dies, classic Zelda. Due to the fact that you only really acquire to fight them in rooms v terrain it becomes a fight of positioning, which is just one of my favorite points with the initial game.


Goriyas space interesting. Unlike various other projectile enemies, lock can’t simply fire far wince they usage boomerangs. This makes the battle really interesting since they’re open up to assault after throwing it. Friend gotta be quick though due to the fact that they are very fast come fire after capturing it. Good enemy design.


Moldorms space basically Lanmola light. Rather of having actually a weak point, you have the right to slash its entire body. It can also move diagonally unequal the Lanmola which makes it a bit much more unpredictable. They are greatly pretty simple to take the end though.


These guys can have just been your straightforward “Danger touch” enemy, yet thankfully, they have actually a small quirk. If they face you, castle dash towards you, like actual line ropes! This provides them at least a bit unique.


The good bouncy bois the Zelda 1. They jump around the room and also split into two Keese if you hit them. Cool concept, but they deserve to be a little annoying because the Keese start moving roughly right far after appearing and also can obtain a cheap hit in as soon as in a while.


I’m a little torn on Wizzrobes. ~ above one hand, ns think the style is good for both variations. The orange one appear and shoot a blast in the direction lock facing prior to teleporting. The blue ones to walk around and teleport some times. They climate start rapid firing as shortly as friend walk in former of them. That a god design, however most of the time, there are just waaaaaay too plenty of of lock on screen at once which means that they acquire a many cheap hits in. I check out them as the boundary between the an excellent enemies and also the “meh” enemies.


Moblins are really iconic, i know, but in they very first Zelda, castle are just kinda bland. Friend have already seen the Octorok at this allude in the game which room just an ext interesting in my opinion. The only thing different about them is the they can enter the screen from the borders, they room not constantly there indigenous the beginning. Whoop-di-doo.


The Stalfos space the straightforward “Danger Touch” enemy. Boring, however necessary. Bonus allude for shooting sword beams in the second quest.


More “Danger Touch”, yet this one takes much more hits. That is kinda cool exactly how you have the right to see if they room holding a key if girlfriend look close sufficient though.


First time i met an Armos i freaked out. They are a classic and also wouldn’t be too poor if it wasn’t completely random which version appeared, the slow-moving or rapid one. The slow ones space not too bad, but the fast ones dart around like Sonic the Hedgehog which renders it near impossible to hit them there is no pure luck.

15.Pols Voice

I know that they room cool in the Japanese variation where you can kill lock by screaming right into the microphone, yet in the EU version, they simply take means too plenty of hits. Sure, you have the right to take lock out with a bow and also arrow (sold independently at Toys’R’Us), but I don’t desire to wast precious rupees on this bunny bastards.


Wait! us can’t stop here. This is bat country. More than likely the most usual dungeon foe in the game. Not too bad, but can obtain annoying once you’re in a room full of them.


Thank goodness the they are largely easy come take care of in this game since if they obtain you, friend go straight to the begin of the dungeon. My God what an annoying mechanic.


I don’t know what occurred here however the blue ones room actually easy ones here. However these guys have some balancing issues. The blue ones are way too easy since they simply jump once and also then wait prefer 5 second, while the orange one look like bunnies top top cocaine. Doesn’t aid that lock sometimes appear when you enter a screen via stair and also have no way to evade them.


The fact that they have the right to pop up ideal on height of you once you’re walking damages this opponent for me. When standing quiet is an reliable strategy yet walking is not, ns out.


Spooky ghosts are fun, yet not as soon as you can not hurt them without the finest sword in the game. These guys appear when trying to press gravestones and can deal damages to you best away if you’re not careful. And also since you have to push every cursed gravestone to uncover the ideal sword to have the ability to hurt them, it it s okay annoying. Thankfully, you have the right to kill them all by acquisition the main one out.


Just… Boring. They separation into two gels as soon as hitting them, which space ironically an ext dangerous since they’re faster. These men are usually filler after you acquire the White Sword and can death them without them separating into Gels.


Mini-Zol, however faster. Booooring.


You can not hit them when they’re in the air. And also since they start flying immediately and only floor for like one second, it makes them a chore to fight. I just think i’ve ever before killed around two or three of these, just neglect them.


Oh man, this guys. Lock only show up in water, and shoot at you. Wouldn’t be so bad if friend actually had a reliable method of difficult them. Without knife beams, she toast unless you wanna waste some arrow. Just overlook them

25.Like Like

I hate favor Likes. Not just are castle boring, yet they eat your shield as well. Once the soot of the fight if as result of an absolutely crippling effect, I speak to bullshit. Whoever thought this to be a an excellent idea demands someone come tell castle “Hey, the idea to be bad, yet don’t beat you yourself up over it. Everyone renders mistakes.”.

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So there us are, every the adversaries ranked. Allow me know if ns missed everyone or if you have any different opinions top top the matter. Also let me understand if you desire me to carry out the remainder of the gamings in my journey. I will most likely do it anyways, but hey.