Discord leave Voice Channel: Hopping in and out the a voice channel in Discord is rather simple. There room no magical tips and tricks, simply understanding which icons are because that what and where to discover them. If she having troubles jumping out of a voice channel. Together it would favor to remain in the channel but have that muted.

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I’ll be intercepting both the desktop app as well as the app available for your device and tablet. This overview is targeted towards those who space already actively using Discord. If you would favor to download or download Discord for yourself, a variation is readily available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux operating systems.

Let’s start with how to leave a Discord voice channel using the desktop computer app.


You’ll must be in a voice channel or a server and also double-click any type of channel in the room v a volume indicator. So lengthy as you have actually valid permissions, just logged into the voice server and channel.

Now that you’re in a voice channel, to leave it:

Step 1:

Under the channel names, you should see a box similar to this one.


Step 2:

The above-mentioned box provides a couple of bits the information. It will screen that you are connected to the voice channel and carry out a visual depiction of your current call latency. Also, the will have actually the server name complied with by the channel surname (server name/channel name). To the right, you’ll find the connection information icon (circle with an ‘i’ in ~ the center) and the call connection icon (phone through an ‘x’).

Step 3:

The connection information symbol will display screen you the region the discord server is currently linked to in real-time. Also, the will display screen the typical ping rate you’re currently receiving from the server.

Step 4:

The call connection icon is for connecting as well as disconnecting indigenous the voice server. You have the right to tap this symbol if you desire to leave the voice server.

Step 5:

If you space still connected to the voice server, you deserve to just swap freely in between all voice channels. By left-tapping on among the channels, you will be easily moved indigenous your current channel to the brand-new one.


Certainly, you’re doing things in a voice channel that might secure friend from leaving. However you quiet don’t want to speak or hear to others talk. This is whereby the an option to mute.

Using a voice channel:

Step 1:

Firstly, below the information box questioned in the previously section, you should see your an individual box.

Step 2:

This box consists of your avatar, your full Discord name, and also three multiple symbols to the left.

Step 3:

By tapping on your avatar, you can present your accessibility by selecting in between one of 4 options:

Online: To show that you are readily available.Idle: when you’re around but haven’t performed an action in awhileDo no Disturb: This alternative will also disable desktop computer notifications indigenous DiscordInvisible: Renders you invisible if offline however still gives you complete accessMicrophone: allows you come mute and unmute her microphoneHeadphones: Also it’ll mute both your microphone and also your speakers so the you hear no one and also no one hears youUser Settings: Options that have nothing to carry out with the topic of this article

If you desire to mute or unmute her mic, simply left-click the Microphone icon. To deafen yourself, tap the Headphones icon.

If you’d like to mute or deafen the channel itself, and also you have the ideal permissions to do so:

Step 1:

Firstly, right-click the channel name and choose Edit Channel. If you don’t have actually a right-click, organize CTRL while tapping with the left (or only) mouse button.

Step 2:

From the menu on the left, pick the “Permissions” tab.

Step 3:

In the window to the right, just scroll come the “Voice Permissions” section and tap the environment-friendly checkmark come the best of “Mute Members” come mute the channel, or to the appropriate of “Deafen Members” to deafen the channel.

Step 4:

After selection, the Save Changes button pops up. Madness it come confirm.

To unmute (or undeafen) the channel, simply tap on one of two people the red ‘X’ or gray ‘/’ icon.


Certainly, you just don’t need to be bothered with every one of crazy and would favor to perform away through the channel altogether. Straightforward fix, so lengthy as you room the owner or a server administrator.

To totally delete a voice channel and also forego the should leave it, just:

Step 1:

Firstly, Right-click the channel you great to remove.

Step 2:

From the popup box select Delete Channel.

Step 3:

A popup dialog will ask if she sure. Madness Delete Channel once much more to confirm.


Now know to leave a voice channel top top the Discord desktop computer app, you want to know just how to do the very same on her phone or tablet. It’s simply as simple as the desktop computer version however some have found it complicated to navigate in ~ times.

Obviously, you want to already be proactively engaged on Discord inside of a voice channel to follow together with the walkthrough. The display situated therefore that the name of the channel sits at the top and a list of those inside the channel through you, simply below.

From this screen, you can do together things:

The food selection to the best of the channel name will enable you to readjust the channel settings and the voice settings inside the channel.Also, the triple dots food selection to the best of her name will permit you to deafen or mute the server. Friend can likewise bring increase the same menu simply by clicking on your name.At the bottom are 4 icons: Microphone icon for mute/unmute, Headphone icon because that deafening, Phone icon for connecting/disconnect, and also the 4th icon permits you to adjust your volume and also swap come Speaker mode.

To disconnect indigenous the voice server (and channel), click on the Phone icon. You can also select to click the other icons resulting in their certain function. Swap to various other voice networks by clicking on them indigenous the channel list.

The man mentioned over stems indigenous a user who has actually been one of two people idle too lengthy or swaps to a multiple applications while currently connected to a voice server. As soon as you return to the Discord app, the symbols may no be readily available on your screen.

Step 1:

If you want to check out your avatar and also name at the bottom of the screen, simply swipe left to pull up the channel.

Step 2:

From here, also notification a various box at the bottom that the display screen detailing your connection, the channel name, and also the server name. To the ideal of this information is a ‘^’ up arrow.

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Step 3:

Tap the ‘^’ to traction up the voice channel and also once again have access to the mute, deafen, disconnect, and also volume options.


Here’s all around discord leave voice channel. For further queries and also questions permit us understand in the comments ar below!