Matthew Perry has actually been do his ring in the spotlight recently with questionable appearances that have actually fans and also other celebs worried for him. But even more recently he"s been making headlines for having unreciprocated feel for previous co-star Courteney Cox. Matthew Perry’s exes are far & couple of between but none room Courteney Cox. 

Since his increase to fame in the mid-"90s, Matthew Perry has had actually a total of 8 windy relationships, a list the isn"t lacking some huge Hollywood names. While a most them to be longterm and spanned usually his entire career, resources say that "Matthew"s constantly been in love v Courteney Cox." 

Could it be feasible that the harbored feelings for the Friends star during all these relationships? 

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Julia Roberts and Matthew Perry began their partnership while he was still fresh into his brand-new fame lifestyle. Friends had actually just taken off and also this was his an initial public relationship.

The two actors date from 1995-1996 ~ Roberts guest-starred in a 1994 episode of Friends.

Yasmine Bleeth (1996)


After his publicly breakup v Roberts, Perry nearly immediately began publicly dating actress Yasmine Bleeth. She was well-known primarily because that her function on Baywatch in the 90s. As of now, she"s retired fully from acting.

Their relationship only lasted a few months.

Perry take it a break from public date after his separation with Bleeth, just stepping out with fellow Canadian actress Neve Campbell in 1998.

Their relationship, however, was shortlived and also didn"t also reach the last year the the decade.

Maeve Quinlan (2002-2003)


Maeve Quinlan to be Perry"s an initial long ax girlfriend ~ his breakup with Julia Roberts. This soap opera actress and Perry date from 2002-2003 before calling it quits.

heath Graham (2002-2003)


Lack of public appearances can"t placed a details date top top Perry"s partnership with actress heather Graham however sources peg their connection to have actually overlapped with his fling v Maeve Quinlan.

Lauren Graham (2003)


Gilmore Girls actress Lauren Graham and also Perry had a brief relationship back in 2003. Although their romance quickly passed away out there appeared to it is in no poor blood. The two starred in the movie Birds the America with each other in 2008.

Rachel Dunn was Perry"s very first girlfriend that wasn"t used to the spotlight. His two-year partnership with the American volleyball player was known for your gaping age distinction of fourteen years.

Lizzy Caplan (2006-2012)


Matthew Perry"s many recent relationship was also his longest. The spent 6 years with Mean Girls alumni Lizzy Caplan. It was reported the their breakup was since of Perry"s unwillingness to clear up down.

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