The summer season is ripe with prime salad ingredients, native juicy tomatoes and also fresh corn come zucchini and also the sometimes melon. The best means to do the many of all the abundance? Mix it all together in an extra huge salad bowl. We want you come toss v abandon. We desire you to serve a great hunger or a sizable crowd. We want you to it is in well-stocked because that all her summer parties. Below are the best salad bowls because that the summer.

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Stainless steel Bowl

Since these stainless steel mixing bowls are created commercial kitchen use and also built to resist the busiest kitchens, they organize up to greatly tossed dishes and messy dinners.


Acacia hardwood Bowl

This dense, long lasting hardwood key is one to save on your table or counter even once it isn't full of leafy greens. This certain wood doesn't absorb stains or odors, and also can be wiped clean with heat water and soap. Do a gigantic steak salad v herbs.


Bamboo Bowl

With a popular music of shade for spring and also summer tables, the bamboo key is lightweight and also easy to care for. As one Amazon reviewer notes, \"Now I have the right to make Caesar salad for 20+ in one bowl.\"


Stoneware Bowl

This simple round bowl will certainly fit in any setting and is suited because that family-sized portions. The glazed stoneware is dishwasher-safe and can it is in put into the microwave. Fill it v a colorful raw vegetables salad.


Melamine Bowl

Made come look prefer those classic, speckled enamel camping dishes, this melamine bowl is long lasting for out parties and will organize an ample accompaniment. Pair through a huge kale Caesar slaw or a Mediterranean dill and fennel salad.

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Solid Cherry wood Bowl

This solid cherry bowl is a little bit of a specialty item, as it is handcrafted at a timber mill and takes nearly a month to complete. It's large, durable, and works well because that a crowd. To fill it with vibrant seasonal dishes choose Basmati rice v summer vegetables or this summer squash and red quinoa salad through walnuts.

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