After month of unbelievable calling because that Lady Gaga come brave an figure on The Howard Stern Show, this morning she did just that.

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The 90-minute conversation was by much the most thorough she’s ever before granted, sharing she thoughts top top money, fame, the L.A. Lifestyle, and also her history of drug use. Of course, Stern remained in his usual irreverent form, questioning trademark questions around Gaga’s sexual background (which us can’t print here, despite you deserve to listen to the entire below).

But lot of that revealed much less prurient details, favor the truth that the chorus because that “Born This Way” came to her in the shower, and that she regularly vocalizes melodies that concerned her into her BlackBerry; she also proceeded to play part raw, at an early stage cell-phone version incarnations that “Judas” and “Highway Unicorn (Road come Love).”

Stern didn’t hide the fact that he to be chagrined it took so long for she to do an illustration on his show—“I felt i was much more important 보다 The Gayle King Show”—and that he’d obtained some threatening small Monster-penned missives warning him come go simple on she Ladyship. However by the end he seemed quickly won end to the Cult of Gaga and declared her soaring acoustic rendition of “The sheet of Glory” to be “one that the best performances we’ve ever had on the show.”

“I don’t care around money. Mine apartment in Brooklyn is smaller than this studio.”

“I don’t prefer L.A. It’s just not fun. Ns don’t know why, however I just don’t get it. You need to drive to obtain everywhere, and when it rains everybody freaks out. My tune “Marry the Night” was about that minute when I saw other civilization who were huge stars and had mansions. Ns rented a ar in L.A. For a little bit in Bel-Air through a pool and also a the the mountains and I to be like, okay right here I go, this is what I’m an alleged to do. Yet I was like, no thanks, it’s been nice in the sun, however I’m going ago to York and marrying the night.”

“I think that ns was lonely and there to be something about the drug that made me feel I had a friend. I did it all alone in mine apartment, while I wrote music. And I regret every heat I ever before did. So to any type of of the small sweethearts who space listening, don’t touch it. It’s the devil.”

“I yes, really don’t carry out it very often. I’m honest around it because I don’t respect artists that lie around what they carry out recreationally.”

On whether she was upset that various other artists favor Britney Spears were recording her songs before she made it huge herself:

“Hell, no! Fricking Britney Spears sang my record. Are you kidding? i was law backflips and ordering drinks when I heard she was going to be record my song.”

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On her mindset during her short-lived tenure at York University’s Tisch school of the Arts:

“I was sort of one asshole in school, ns was the girl in class who, once the middle-aged, white masculine professor was offering a list of books to read and also I would raise my hand and be, why aren’t there any type of African-American writers, why isn’t there anything here by anyone who’s gay. I was the annoying pain-in-the-ass girl that was trying to answer every question and also make the teacher look at bad. The made me upset once I felt prefer there to be a biased method to the method I to be educated.”