"American fear Story: Hotel" may have been based turn off of L.A."s Cecil Hotel but one Chicago hotel is capitalizing ~ above its Lady Gaga connection and also offering a gory Halloween package motivated by the creepy show.

The Radisson Blu Aqua is providing "A Night the Horror" package based on the FX show"s Hotel Cortez. The whole 17th floor will be transformed right into a "haunted hotel" special a company lounge turned into the sadistic owner James March"s evil lair, follow to TV Trippin.

Lucky guests could even run right into the show"s star Lady Gaga, who lives part-time in the Jeanne Gang-designed Aqua Tower. Her friend "Chicago Fire" star Taylor Kinney has a ar in the high-rise over the hotel, which rectal the an initial 18 floors.

Lady Gaga post an Instagram this summer which appeared to have actually been taken from she balcony at the Aqua:

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Watching end Chicago proud from mine apartment and also smiling therefore big. So countless happy people. Happy pride!! #lovewins

A picture posted through The Countess (
ladygaga) on Jun 28, 2015 at 3:08pm PDT

They"re going all out on decorating the hotel rooms too, follow to TV Trippin:

Individual rooms will be tricked out v unconventional amenities like a severed hand sticking the end of the bed and fake hypodermic needles strewn ~ above the coffee table - a nod come the show"s drug-use theme.

Gaga"s personality on "AHS" loves to guzzle blood, for this reason bags that the crimson liquid will certainly be placed about the rooms and also guests will obtain comped 2 bloody cocktails indigenous the hotel"s Filini Bar & Restaurant.

Here space a couple pictures that what the gore will certainly look like:

Radisson Blu Aqua via TV Trippin
Radisson Blu Aqua via TV Trippin

The package starts at $399 and also runs from Oct. 30-Nov. 1.

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