Hattie, a queer african American woman, hangs out through her 2 straight finest friends, together they all shot to make their dreams come true.

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Pinky Malinky is an American animated internet television series created by kris Garbutt and Rikke Asbjoern because that Nickelodeon and also Netflix, based on Garbutt\"s animated brief of the very same name developed by Cartoon Network Studios Europe, which was released in 2009. The marks the very very first collaboration in between Nickelodeon and also Netflix and the very first Nicktoon come be developed exclusively because that Netflix. The collection chronicles the adventures that Pinky Malinky (voiced by Lucas Grabeel), a 12-year-old center school college student who additionally happens to be an humanlike hot dog, and also his efforts to climb up the society ladder v his two person friends, Babs Byuteman (Diamond White) and also JJ Jameson (Nathan Kress).

The community is an American sitcom television series, created by Jim Reynolds, that premiered on October 1, 2018, top top CBS. The series follows a white Midwestern family as they change to moving into a predominantly African-American community in Los Angeles. It stars Cedric the Entertainer, Max Greenfield, Sheaun McKinney, Marcel Spears, Hank Greenspan, Tichina Arnold, and Beth Behrs. In January 2019, CBS announced it had renewed the collection for a 2nd season, i m sorry premiered top top September 23, 2019.

Forever is one American comedy-drama web television collection created by Alan Yang and Matt hubbard that premiered top top September 14, 2018 top top Amazon Video. It starred Fred Armisen and also Maya Rudolph, both that whom also executive produce alongside Yang, Hubbard, Dave Becky, and Tim Sarkes.

Steve is an American syndicated talk present that was held by comedian and also television personality Steve Harvey. That premiered ~ above September 5, 2017, together a follower to Harvey\"s Chicago-based Steve Harvey speak show developed by Endemol. The series was created from global Studios in California in partnership through IMG and also NBCUniversal tv Distribution, and was defined as having a larger focus on celebrity guests and also Harvey\"s comedy (as opposed to the previous series, which focused an ext on human being interest topics).

Fist struggle is a 2017 American comedy movie directed by Richie Keen and also written by van Robichaux and also Evan Susser. The film stars ice Cube, Charlie Day, Tracy Morgan, Jillian Bell, Dean Norris, Christina Hendricks, and Dennis Haysbert.
Fuller residence is one American sitcom produced by Jeff Franklin that airs together a Netflix original series, and is a sequel come the 1987–1995 television series Full House. The centers roughly D.J. Tanner-Fuller, a veterinarian and also widowed mommy of 3 sons, whose sister Stephanie and also best girlfriend Kimmy—along through her teenage daughter—live with each other at the Tanners\" childhood home in san Francisco, California. Many of the original series ensemble cast have reprised their duties on Fuller House, either as regular actors members or in guest appearances, v the exception of Mary-Kate and also Ashley Olsen, that alternated the role of Michelle Tanner in full House.
Young & Hungry is an American sitcom created by David Holden. The multi-camera series stars Emily Osment, Jonathan Sadowski, Aimee Carrero, Kym Whitley and also Rex Lee, and also premiered top top ABC family members (now Freeform) ~ above June 25, 2014. On in march 7, 2016, Freeform fix up the series for a fourth season, which premiered on June 1, 2016, and also concluded on august 3, 2016. Top top October 24, 2016, Osment announced via Twitter the Young & Hungry had been renewed because that a 5th season.
Botched is an American truth television series that premiered top top E! on June 24, 2014. It complies with doctors terrycloth Dubrow and also Paul Nassif together they \"remedy too much plastic surgeries unable to do wrong.\" that Sunday night debut on June 29, 2014, to be watched by 1.2 million viewers. Botched\"s an initial season, consist of of eight episodes, ended on respectable 17, 2014. A two-part reunion special organized by Maria Menounos aired ~ above October 26 and also 27, and featured interviews through Dubrow, Nassif, and also patients native the series.
After shedding his lovely Kisha in a vehicle accident, Malcolm beginning anew, through remarrying Megan, a mother of two. When things start to get back into your paranormal ways, targeting both the children and the property, things complicate even more when his back-to-life Kisha moves right into the neighborhood.
The real is an American syndicated talk show developed by SallyAnn Salsano (495 Productions). The collection initially received a trial run on Fox-owned sectors in the summer that 2013 and also premiered for full syndication in 2014.
Raising Whitley is one American truth television series that premiered April 20, 2013, on the Oprah Winfrey Network. The display ran for 4 seasons and in 2016, for unknown reasons, the very own Network decided not come renew the collection for a fifth season.
Animal exercise is an American sitcom television series which aired ~ above NBC from august 12 come October 24, 2012, on the network\"s autumn 2012 tv schedule. The series premiered after the finish of the 2012 Olympic gamings (which the network was showing) and also was developed by global Television and American Work. The collection starred Justin Kirk and also is set at a veterinarian office. The series was canceled on October 18, 2012, because of low ratings, and also the collection was replaced by Whitney on November 14, 2012. A complete of nine episodes were produced, and also the 3 unaired episodes to be released top top NBC.com and also Hulu top top November 20, 2012.
Baby daddy is one American sitcom created by Dan Berendsen the premiered on June 20, 2012 top top ABC household (later Freeform). The series follows Ben, a male in his twenties, that gets the surprise of his life as soon as a one-night stand pipeline his infant at his doorstep. Ben decides come raise his tiny girl through the help of his brother, Danny, his 2 close friends, Riley and also Tucker, and also his sometimes-overbearing mother, Bonnie. The present was influenced by the American film 3 Men and a baby which was released in 1987. Six periods were produced in total, through the 100th, and final episode airing on might 22, 2017.
Benjamin has lost his wife. In a bid to start his life over, that purchases a huge house that has actually a zoo. This is welcome news for his daughter, however his boy is not happy around it. The zoo is in need of renovation and Benjamin sets about the occupational with the head keeper, Kelly, and the remainder of the zoo staff. But, the zoo shortly runs into financial trouble. The staff must obtain the zoo ago to its former glory, pass a zoo inspection, and also get it ago open come the public.
2 broke Girls (stylized 2 broke Girl$) is, an American television sitcom the aired on CBS native September 19, 2011, come April 17, 2017. The series was created for Warner Bros. Television and also created through Michael Patrick King and also Whitney Cummings. Collection in the Williamsburg ar of Brooklyn, brand-new York City, the show\"s plot adheres to the lives of friend Max black color (Kat Dennings) and also Caroline Channing (Beth Behrs). Whereas Caroline was increased as the daughter that a billionaire, Max prospered up in poverty, bring about differing perspectives top top life, although with each other they occupational in a regional diner while attempting come raise accumulation to begin a cupcake business.
Dish country is a nationally-syndicated television program broadcasting ~ above Fox tv Stations airwaves. It features celebrity news and also pop culture commentary delivered by celebrity characters stationed nationwide. It debuted in 2011, during the 3rd quarter that the year.
Centers about the resides of Victoria, Zenobia , Clevon, and also Phil -- all friends pull close the period of 35 and struggling to construct the households they\"ve always dreamed of. If Zenobia (Parker, \"Soul Food,\" \"Brown Sugar\") is still trying to find a man, Victoria (Jones, \"Castle,\" \"One on One\") is married to a man who doesn\"t want children. Clevon (comic Hart, \"Not conveniently Broken,\" \"40 Year-Old Virgin\"), meanwhile, is as well geeky to obtain a woman, and Phil (Keith Robinson, \"Dreamgirls\") is already married through children, but his mam is not an extremely interested in being a mother. All 4 of them shot to rectify their romantic lives and also futures while their biological clocks mite away.
A chameleon who has actually lived as a sheltered family pet finds himself in the fixed of an identification crisis. Rango wonders just how to stand out as soon as it is his nature to blend in. When he accidentally winds up in a frontier town referred to as Dirt, he takes the very first step top top a transformational journey as the town\"s brand-new sheriff. Despite at first Rango just role-plays, a series of trembling situations and also outrageous encounters pressures him to come to be a actual hero.
Let\"s continue to be Together is one American romantic comedy television series created by Jacque Edmonds Cofer. The premiered on black Entertainment television (BET) top top January 11, 2011. The location of the series refers come the Al environment-friendly landmark 1972 tune of the exact same name. The collection premiere drew 4.4 million viewers. Initially, heart Food star Malinda Williams was actors in the lead role of Stacy. For undisclosed reasons, she was changed by Nadine Ellis.
Herman has actually a weak for piece clubs. Donny has a point for condiments and also Tiffany is a newly celibate martial artist. These space Andy\"s brand-new friends after he unsuspectingly follows his dream girl right into a sexual addiction recovery group. At first this seems favor the best possible news. However, Andy\"s skilled and personal life begins to unravel together he deepens his ties to this lovable, but damaged group.
Worst Cooks in America is one American reality television collection that premiered top top January 3, 2010, top top the Food Network. The show takes 12 come 16 contestants (referred to as \"recruits\") with an extremely poor cooking an abilities through a culinary boot camp, to earn a cash compensation of $25,000 and also a Food Network cooking set. The recruits space trained top top the various basic cooking techniques including: baking, knife skills, temperature, seasoning and preparation. The final challenge is to chef a restaurant quality three-course enjoy the meal for 3 food critics.
The Cleveland show is one American animated sitcom produced by Seth MacFarlane, Richard Appel, and also Mike Henry because that the Fox Broadcasting company as a spin-off of family members Guy. The series centered top top the Browns and Tubbs, 2 dysfunctional family members consisting of parents Cleveland Brown and Donna Tubbs and also their youngsters Cleveland Brown, Jr., Roberta Tubbs, and also Rallo Tubbs. Comparable to household Guy, it exhibited much of its humor in the kind of cutaway gags that frequently lampoon American culture.
This is the story the 1970s African-American activity legend black color Dynamite. The Man killed his brother, pumped heroin right into local orphanages, and flooded the ghetto through adulterated malt liquor. Black Dynamite was the one hero ready to struggle The guy all the method from the blood-soaked city roads to the hallowed halls the the Honky House..
Unsung is one hour-long music documentary program that airs top top TV One. The series, i beg your pardon premiered November 27, 2008, uncovers the story behind once renowned R&B and soul music artists, bands, or groups who explosive onto the Billboard music charts with a wire of hits, only to have actually their career derailed by a major crisis that caused them to be basically unappreciated by later generations of contemporary R&B and also soul music listeners. The series is developed by production firm A. Blacksmith & Co. Productions.
The doctors (alternatively The Drs as checked out on logo bugs and background graphics) is an American syndicated talk show airing everyday on television in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Australia, Ireland, Sweden and also Finland. That debuted top top September 8, 2008. The hour-long daytime program is produced by Phil McGraw and also his son Jay McGraw and is distributed domestically and also globally by CBS tv Distribution. The collection is a spin-off the Dr. Phil and also is the very first talk present to be a 3rd generation talk display spin-off, as Dr. Phil itself spun off The Oprah Winfrey Show.
Melanie Porter (Raven-Symone)is a talented high school graduate who has selected a college 800 mile from home. She over protective father, James (Martin Lawrence) doesn\"t want her to it is in so much away, therefore he cooks increase a plot to try to to convince her to go to a regional University. Top top the guise of going to she selected university, he pressures a visit come his preferred (close come home) school. This is a usual road trip movie with lost cars, bumming rides on buses and also planes, covering that complicated time of life when a father loses manage of his daughter.
Rachael Ray, also known as Rachael and also The Rachael ray Show, is an American talk show starring Rachael beam that debuted in syndication in the joined States and Canada top top September 18, 2006 and likewise airs in other countries. It is taped at Chelsea television Studios in brand-new York City. The show\"s 13th season premiered ~ above September 10, 2018, and in the seventh season, the show ended up being the critical Harpo show in syndication to switch to HD v a revamped studio.
Standoff is an American drama collection that premiered on the Fox network on September 5, 2006. Created by Craig Silverstein, the series focused on an FBI crisis Negotiation Unit whose members negotiated hostage situations and also shared relationships. The show was produced by Sesfonstein Productions and 20th Century Fox Television and also its executive, management producers were Craig Silverstein, Tim Story, and also Glen Mazzara. A complete of 18 episodes were produced and the series completed its original run ~ above July 20, 2007.
The Boondocks is an American adult man sitcom created by Aaron McGruder because that Cartoon Network\"s late-night programming block, Adult Swim. That is based upon his comic strip of the exact same name. The collection premiered ~ above November 6, 2005. The show begins with a black family, the Freemans, settling right into the fictional, friendly and overall white suburb that Woodcrest. The perspective available by this mixture that cultures, lifestyles, social classes, stereotypes, viewpoints and also racialized identities offers for much of the series\" satire, comedy, and conflict.
Teenager Holly Hamilton is worn down of moving every time her solitary mom Jean has another personal meltdown entailing yet an additional second-rate guy. To distract her mommy from her latest poor choice, Holly conceives the perfect arrangement for the perfect man.. One imaginary mystery admirer who will romance Jean and boost her shaky self-esteem. As soon as the virtual relationship takes off, Holly find herself having actually to produce the suitor, borrowing her friend\"s charming and handsome Uncle Ben as the face behind the e-mails, notes and gifts. Holly need to resort to increasingly desperate steps to save the ruse alive and also protect her mom\"s newfound happiness, almost missing the real perfect male when that does come along.

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Grey\"s Anatomy is one American medical drama television series that premiered on march 27, 2005, top top the American Broadcasting agency (ABC) as a mid-season replacement. The fictional collection focuses ~ above the stays of surgical interns, residents, and also attending doctors, as they develop into seasoned medical professionals while trying to maintain personal lives and also relationships. The location is an allusion to Gray\"s Anatomy, a classic human anatomy textbook an initial published in 1858 in London and also written through Henry Gray. Shonda Rhimes emerged the pilot and also continues to write for the series; she is additionally one the the executive producers, along with Betsy Beers, mark Gordon, Krista Vernoff, plunder Corn, mark Wilding, and Allan Heinberg. Back the collection is collection in Seattle (at the fictitious Seattle elegant Hospital, later on renamed), it is filmed mainly in Los Angeles, California.