The how amazing real ages of the \"One Tree Hill\" stars when they were playing teens

Hilarie Burton Morgan as Peyton Sawyer

Most of the gibbs were not teens once they were cast on the show.

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The series featured a number of time jumps the made the actors closer in age to your characters.


Bethany happiness Lenz ~ above season 1 that \"One Tree Hill\" and also in 2020 Warner Bros. Television/Paul Archuleta/WireImage

Lenz, that starred top top the series for every nine seasons, to be 30 once the display ended while she character remained in her so late 20s.

Lenz has actually a daughter called Maria increased with ex-husband Michael Galeotti.

Sophia shrub was 20 when she very first started playing 16-year-old Brooke Davis.

Bush was 29 during the show's last season, around the same period as she character after ~ the front time jumps.

She is currently engaged to FocusMotion health founder approve Hughes.

Lee Norris played 16-year-old Marvin \"Mouth\" McFadden however was cast when he to be 21.

Lee Norris ~ above the very first season the \"One Tree Hill\" and also on \"Girl Meets World.\" Warner Bros. Television and also Disney

Norris to be 30 by the show's end.

He freshly started the \"Married through Television\" podcast through his wife Andrea Norris.

Antwon Tanner was about 28 when he began playing Antwon \"Skills\" Taylor, a 16-year-old.

Antwon Tanner top top season one of \"One Tree Hill\" and on \"The Carmichael Show.\" Warner Bros. Television and NBC

Tanner was 36 as soon as the display finished.

He has since showed up alongside Burton Morgan in lifetime Christmas movies prefer 2019's \"A Christmas Wish.\"

Danneel Ackles on \"One Tree Hill\" and also in 2018. Warner Bros Television/Phillip Chin/Getty images for Warner Bros. To chat Inc.

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Ackles join the cast as Rachel in season 3 throughout the crew's penultimate year the high-school. After the moment jump during season 5, her period was closer in line v her personalities until her last episode on \"One Tree Hill\" season 7.

Ackles married fellow CW star Jensen Ackles in 2010. The couple has 3 kids: a daughter name Justice and also twins Arrow and Zeppelin

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