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"This Girl" is a tune by French DJ and record producer Kungs through Australian funk trio Cookin" ~ above 3 Burners. That is a remix the Cookin" top top 3 Burners" original song through vocals by Kylie Auldist. It to be released as a digital download ~ above 19 February 2016 by residence of Barclay together the lead single from his debut studio album, great (2016), while the original song to be released in 2009 together a second single native the group"s 2nd album, heart Messin (2009). Kungs" relax was successful across Europe, getting to number one in a number of countries including France and Germany and the optimal 10 in 18 countries including Austria, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and also Switzerland. The song was carry out on stage by Kungs with the vocalist Mel sugar on the French television present Le Petit newspaper on 24 march 2016. An EP featuring prolonged mix of the track, two remixes and also a solo track by Kungs title "Milos" was released top top iTunes on 26 march 2016. Billboard ranked "This Girl" at number 48 on your "100 ideal Pop song of 2016" list.more »

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Money rain from the skies aboveBut save the readjust "cause I"ve acquired enoughA tiny time and some tendernessYou"ll never ever buy my loveNo various other thing that"s as valuable toNo other! There"s no other!And a love that"s real and also a love that"s trueSomethin" that you"ve gained to understand this girlWooh!Take mine handOr take it overTake mine hand youOr take overTake my hand youOr take overTake mine handOr take it overThese presents don"t yes, really come because that freeYour paychecks don"t average that much to meJust take it my hand and hold me tightYou"ll never buy mine love!You buy me this and also you purchase me thatTo win over! victory me over!You gained me wrong and that"s a factSomethin" the you"ve acquired to noticeWill girlfriend realize when I"m goneThat i dance to a different songWill friend realize once I"m goneThat ns dance come a various songIt"s a shame however I"ve obtained to goWooh!Take mine handOr take it overTake my hand youOr take overTake my hand youOr take overTake my handOr take it over

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Kylie Auldist Kylie Auldist is an Australian singer, best known together the featured lead vocalist the The Bamboos and Cookin" on 3 Burners. She has additionally released three solo albums. Her fourth solo album, family Tree, to be released in July 2016. Much more »

Written by: Ivan Khatchoyan, Jake Edward Mason, Lance Richard Ferguson, LANCE RICHARD ns FERGUSON