Kodak black color has shown over the years the he isn’t afraid come shoot his shot. The Florida rapper shamelessly sought Zendaya when the Euphoria actress commemorated her 24th birthday back in 2020, and now Kodak has collection his sights on Cardi B’s sisters Hennessy.

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Hennessycarolina have to marry me,” Kodak created on Instagram through a screenshot that Hennessy’s profile. “I’ll be a good boy.”

While it’s unclear to what lengths Kodak will certainly go to shot and obtain Hennessy come marry him, the rapper has been merciless in his pursuit over the years. Earlier in May, Kodak come for Hennessy again, composing on his Instagram story “I Wanna Eat you Till girlfriend Pass out & die
hennessycarolina” alongside the drooling emoji face.

Back in 2018, Kodak again made one more pass in ~ Cardi B’s younger sister.

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“Hennessy, prevent playin’ with that pussy. I’m tryna fuck,” he stated on his Instagram story. “I don’t offer a fuck about your gay girlfriend. I’m tryna win you.”

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