A mum has hilariously recreated a model’s tiny latex bikini in an Instagram post that has gone viral.

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Creator of the Knee Deep in Life Instagram account, known only as Laura, is like the British version of Australia’s Celeste Barber.

She regularly recreates looks from the runway to the red carpet, using bits and pieces she’s found lying around at home.

Earlier today, Laura turned her attention to an unusual trend called the “upside down bikini”, which involves tying a string bikini around your breasts, rather than behind your neck.


That looks deeply uncarolannpeacock.comfortable. Both of them. Source: Instagram

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The trend gained traction last year after former model and blogger Valentina Fradegrada began posing in the style.

Laura told her fans she grabbed a black garbage bag and fashioned it into a latex-style swimsuit in an attempt to copy Fradegrada’s look.

It appears she also used a garbage bag strip to tie around her breasts but later claimed it didn’t quite end up looking like her muse’s perky chest.

The results, however, were hilarious, and the post went viral — attracting more than 6700 likes and hundreds of carolannpeacock.comments describing the look as “absolute gold”.

According to Laura, the look wasn’t as easy to pull off as she anticipated.

“I had every intention of smiling but turns out clenching and looking sexy isn’t as easy as it looks,” she wrote.

While she would have loved to have emulated the Italian model perfectly, Laura revealed it’s hard when “you’ve had two kids and you’ve hit your 30s hard”.

Laura’s 112,000 followers absolutely loved the look, calling her their “hero” and saying she was “so damn funny”.

“This woman is a legend,” one carolannpeacock.commenter wrote.

Another said: “I love your posts, they cheer me up so much.”

“Thanks for being so funny and not taking life so seriously, we need more people like you,” another woman wrote.

Laura regularly uploads photos of herself mimicking runway looks or celebrity outfits with things she’s found around the house, such as the time she recreated Kim Kardashian’s daring cut-out Thierry Mugler dress in February.


I"d prefer a nice trackie. Source: Instagram

She also tackled the now infamous viral Aussie bikini advert with spectacular results.

With each post with advice to women to ignore the pressure of social media and be themselves.


Nice for the school run. Source: Instagram


It’s hard to believe, but the upside down bikini has been around for over a year.

It was “designed” by Fradegrada who tied her halter straps across her chest, pulling the triangular bikini material further apart than usual.

This enhances the cleavage and reveals a lot more breast than usual.

But if you’re a big-busted woman, the trick is keeping the contraption from flipping off in the ocean.

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To be honest, it even looks annoying and uncarolannpeacock.comfortable on models. Source: Instagram

Astonishingly, the trend took off in certain circles across the US and Europe, with Instagram models regularly posting selfies of their enhanced busts online and crediting the Upside Down Bikini trend for the inspiration.

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