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Thick as Thieves quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance has you stealing different items for three millers – Peshek, Woyzeck, and Simon. They will reward you well for your thievery, of course. That being said, some of the items are very difficult to find, let alone steal, such as the Valuable Brocade, Beer Recipe, and so on. Some of them also appear to be flat-out bugged. To help you out, here’s our guide on the Thick as Thieves quest inn Kingdom Come Deliverance.

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Kingdom Come Deliverance Thick as Thieves Quest – Miller Peshek

The first quest is to steal the ring from the nearby bathhouse. Head over there and go to the main building. Head up the stairs, and you’ll see a blueish-gray chest between two beds. The ring is inside it, so pick the lock and take the ring and everything else you want. If you’re not up to lockpicking, you can choke the villager working in the bathhouse to take the trunk key. Just be careful not to get noticed.

The second item Peshek wants you to steal is the land deed from the Rathaus in Rattay. Head up the stairs, and you’ll come across a large dining room. As soon as you enter the room, turn right and go up the stairs in the corner. You’ll come across a locked door. Pick the lock, or choke out one of the scribes in the building to steal the key, and you’ll find yourself in a room with several beds. Find the desk in the corner with goblets and a candle on it. That’s where the land deed is.

The third item you’ll have to steal is an illuminated, aka illustrated book from Sir Hanush himself. Make your way to Rattay Upper Gate. Follow the waypoint on your compass, and you’ll come across a guarded door. You may have to choke the guard out, or just wait until he goes out on patrol. Break into the guarded room, and you’ll find the book on a small desk.

Thick as Thieves Miller Woyzeck – Where to find Talmberg Waffenrocks?

The Talmberg Waffenrocks are hidden away in the armory of Talmberg. In order to open the chest, you’ll have to pick the pockets of one of the guards and get the Talmberg Armory key. He’s chilling on the wooden… catwalk, I guess, above the stables. This is extremely tricky to pull off. You can perhaps try to choke him out, but that carries quite the risk. However you choose to do it, you have to get that key. After you do, follow the waypoint to the battlements, and you’ll find a room with a chest and ladders leading up and down. Head down, and open the blueish chest. That’s where the waffenrocks are.

The second task is to steal a horse from the stables of Merhojed. This is fairly easy. Simply approach the stables and nick the horse that’s near the entrance. Then ride back to Woyzeck.

Last, but not least, the jewelry of Lady Stephanie. She lives in Talmberg castle, and her room is on the third floor above the stables. Go into the first door after you climb up the stairs, and the door to Lady Stephanie’s room is right there. There’s quite a lot of lockpicking involved; all of it will be very hard. You’ll have to pick the lock of a very hard chest in her room to get the jewelry.

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