The fourteenth map in the cups suit, the King of cups represents warmth, honesty, kindness and also fair play.

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He tends to show up when we room emotionally stable and symbolizes serenity in the face of adversity, calmly reminding us that we also possess the inside wisdom and maturity to increase to the various difficulties life throws at us.

Element: WaterPlanet: No certain planetAstrological sign: ScorpioKey dates: October 13 to November 22

King of Cups, Minchiate Deck (1860)spreads

Your Past, Present, and also Future

In the previous position, the King the Cups suggests that miscellaneous which supplied to it is in a cause of good concern to you is around to come ago in to her life. It might require you to seek experienced guidance in order to effectively attend to it.

In the present, this card suggests that a an important benefactor who will it is in of tremendous aid may soon show up in her life. You deserve to only advantage by complying with their guidance.

In the future position, the King of Cups suggests that you have to follow the accuse of some still unknown entity who will assist you find balance in your life. The importance of following the advice the this being cannot be underestimated.

Important card Combinations

When the King that Cups shows up in a spread, it’s a promising sign that something major is around to happen — miscellaneous destined to make your civilization a far better place.

King the Cups and Five that Pentacles

When paired through the five of Pentacles, the King of cup becomes an indication the forgiveness. Every little thing your an individual circumstances, intend to pardon or be forgiven.

King that Cups and also Nine of Pentacles

When the King of cup is found in a spread out with the ripe of Pentacles, this signifies abundance and critical streak that creativity.

King of Cups and also Knight of Pentacles

It’s time for readjust in your present workplace or maybe a readjust to your whole career once the King that Cups and the article of Pentacles show up together.

King that Cups and Queen of Cups

When the King and Queen of cups are carried together, you have the right to anticipate the a far-reaching personal or spiritual link will intensify, becoming much more meaningful and profound.

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King that Cups: yes or No?

Because the King of cups is all around balance, the card is neither particularly positive or negative. Hence, even if it is to answer correct or no is unclear.