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ArtistKing Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
28 January 2021
3.53 / 5.00.5 from 284 ratings
#334 for 2021

microtonal, male vocals, anxious, pessimistic, existential, rhythmic, psychedelic, ethereal, conscious, apocalyptic


AbsurdistOxymoron Feb 22 2021 2.50 stars
Starts off promising with a nice dreamy microtonal intro that suggests a more laid back track like a more eastern version of the band's Papier Mache Dream Balloon sound but then it quickly veers right back into the cut and paste songwriting purgatory King Gizzard now find themselves in. Is it enjoyable in the moment? Yes. Is it the least-bit memorable? No. Is it artistically frustrating to see a once great band that was never happy to stay pigeonholed in one genre either running out of ideas or not challenging their listeners? Absolutely. Hopefully the band takes a proper amount of time off and writes some stronger material as users in the comment box have suggested, improves their production (which is getting stale) and gets back to their former glory.
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rockky58 3.50 stars Nowolipki w lipcowym gorącu

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