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Last night I transferred a book to my kindle via PC and saw the battery was low so I left it in the drive to charge it. Went to get it this morning to take to work with me like always and it still has the USB Drive mode screen stuck on. I thought that I had it ejected from the computer, but perhaps not. Can"t figure out how to get it back and I"m going to the beach this weekend. A 4 hour drive up and I really wanted my kindle for the drive. Have only had it since late March.Any help please? Or am i stuck calling Amazon and hoping they"ll deliver a new 1 to my parents" home where I"m staying for the weekend?

Have you unplugged it from the PC? This should clear the USB drive mode. Ideally you should eject first or shut down the PC, but if you"ve already done this try unplugging it anyway.If it"s unplugged and still in USB drive mode, try a restart. Hold the power switch over to the right for at least 15 seconds then release it. The Kindle should restart and show the "boy under the tree" startup screen.

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Yeah, i took it to work with me cause I have all my stuff in the jacket(id etc) and its been like that all day. Just tried the restart trick now and nothing is happening. All that happened when i released the switch was that the battery indicator went green for a second and then it went to black.

OK, for the restart you need to hold the switch for a long time (15-20 seconds). While you"re holding it the Kindle will sometimes do things (flash the power light or blank the screen) as it goes through it"s various power off steps (see When you"ve held the switch for at least 20 seconds, release it - still nothing happens - then flick the switch as you normally would to power it on. At this point the Kindle will restart (after a few seconds of doing nothing!) and you should get back to normal.If you try all this and you still have the USB drive mode display then there"s something pretty badly wrong. The only other thing I can think of: is the USB drive mode display perfectly clear as normal, or are there lines across it like this If there are lines like that then the screen is cracked.Either way, if a restart doesn"t recover it then it"s ring Kindle CS I"m afraid!