Let’s uncover Out an ext About The Funny SpartAce couple From running Man!

Kim Jong-kook and Song Ji-hyu have actually been organize members of Running male who have gained teased numerous times. In ~ the start of the show, tune Ji-hyu to be the only woman amongst Running Man‘s regular cast members. Because they were both single, they were teased about being a pair every season.

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Moreover, Kim Jong-kook and Song Ji-hyu have end up being a powerful pair who were offered the nickname SpartAce Couple. Below are all their romantic moments from the show that friend shouldn’t miss, gathered in the carolannpeacock.com post below! gain ready to be in love!

Kim Jong-kook Steal song Ji-hyo’s heart By Calling her ‘Honey’


In episode 440 of Running Man, track Ji-hyo gained the chance to get 300,000 winner (300 dollars) after winning the game. Later on, Kim Jong-kook approached her and also called her “Yeobo..,” i beg your pardon what a husband might call his wife. This made track Ji-hyo smile and blush, and also she offered all the money to Kim Jong-kook.

So plenty of fans marked this moment as cute and romantic. Nothing quite like Kim Jong-kook bravely and happily speak “Wife..” to track Ji-hyo had ever before happened prior to on the renowned show.

This moment left all the Running male member shocked and laughing, and also you can inspect out the scene below!

Kim Jong-kook discussed Song Ji-hyo as The Prettiest Actress

Another moment when love was in the air on Running Man happened on illustration 387. Kim Jong-kook and also Song-Ji hyo were in the car with the other host members. They were playing a game where each member would get asked a question and also they had to price it v a lie. A whistle would be puffy if a true answer to be given.

Song Ji-hyo to be asked who her genuine name is and she reply Kim Jong-kook. Climate she was asked i m sorry of the other cast members she was least comfortable with, and she again reply Kim Jong-kook. Since the ascendancy of the game was come answer v a lie, she to be saying she was the many comfortable with Kim Jong-kook. Member.

When he to be asked, what actress he believed was the prettiest, Kim Jong-kook exciting answered “Song Ji-hyo.” song Ji-hyo go out the whistle, indicating that Kim Jong-kook didn’t phone call a lie. Climate Yoo Jae-seok comment that have to be why the 2 of them retained saying each other’s names. This step hilarious!

Kim Jong-kook and Song Ji-hyo make A Pinky Promise

On Running Man illustration 439, Kim Jong-kook and Song Ji-hyo to be at a restaurant in addition to two other members that the cast from the show. Castle were required to host hands and to play rock, paper, scissors in stimulate to obtain to eat the food. Kim Jong-kook was versus it ideal away, then they were just asked to perform the pinky-promise gesture.

They agreed and also Kim Jong-kook gained to win, however he refuse to eat and just let tune Ji-hyo have actually the food. ~ above the other hand, track Ji-hyo didn’t desire to take it. This moment was a small confusing, due to the fact that it was claimed to it is in a competition in between them, yet instead they kept trying to provide the food up for each other.

The love line and also tension increased, and it end up being an awkward scene. So countless fans have actually commented the this scene is just one of their favorite moments and also makes them want the two members to it is in a real couple. Part others remarked the Running guy was really offering the shipping of their romantic line, but it was still an extremely entertaining come watch. Inspect out the SpartAce minute above!

Kim Jong-kook it s okay A Hug From tune Ji-hyo

This episode caught the true feeling of the SpartAce couple. Every the members and also guest stars had been split into couples, and Kim Jong-kook and Song Ji-hyo were one of the two-person teams

All that the bag attached their names on the on the lottery to acquire a possibility to be liked by the spinning one board. Kim Jong-kook and Song JI-hyo only had actually a couple of stickers v their names attached, but they were still the couple that was chosen.

All the members and also guest stars to be shocked, for this reason unbelievable. In the moment, Kim Jong-kook and Song Ji-hyo were hugging every other, celebrating their lottery win!

Yoo Jae-seok experienced them, and confronted lock by pointing out they to be hugging every other. It verified their true feelings since of their unexpected, happy win.

Some the the members to be jealous since the pair always appeared to gain a lot of of good things. Besides, many people commented the seeing them together a couple is dream come true, and also that song JI-hyo is indeed gifted v luck.

Kim Jong-kook and Song Ji-hyo’s Fortune

In Running Man episode 384, song Ji-hyo got the opportunity to have actually her fortune told. It said that song Ji-hyo is in timber element. In the reading, the fortune-teller said her the she would certainly be lucky v money, yet a little bit pickier on selecting a guy. She said that a lot of of guys couldn’t fulfill her standards. Track Ji-hyo ended up being visibly embarrassed and started laughing. The fortune-teller advised she to look for a guy that might look up to her, too. The problem was there were only very few men that she might look up to, but she would have some lucky in conference a guy in March and April.

Suddenly song Ji-hyo asked about her partnership with Kim Jong-kook, leaving him and the various other member shocked the she would ask the question. The fortune-teller stated that track Ji-hyo is dry wood that always thirsty because that something and also that Kim Jong-kook is large water. So it can they would be a perfect match, don’t you think? Ji-hyo is a tree born in summer who requirements water, and also Jong-kook is substantial water, which means he could make Ji-hyo grow.

Kim Jong-kook had a amazing expression on his face and also said he would certainly be careful in march or April. In summary, the score from the fortune-telling was 85-95 from 100. It to be great!

Kim Jong-kook gained Slapped By song Ji-hyo

On episode 381 the Running Man, track Ji-hyo was play rock, paper, scissors. Everyone won gained to slap their opponent’s head. Over time, she maintained winning and also getting come slap her opponent.

Coming to Kim Jong-kook, other members offered ideas about an altering the rule so that whoever shed the video game would obtain a opportunity to slap your opponent.

Surprisingly, track Ji-hyo, the queen the luck, finally lost a round and got to slap Kim Jong-kook’s head.

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The brave Kim Jong-kook tried to brace himself to stand up to the slap, yet he couldn’t. Not just did the slap ~ above his forehead hurt, it likewise made an impressive sound.

Ji-hyo hugged him best after moving the slap to negative Kim Jong-kook! how sweet she was being!

All the pan commented on exactly how Ji-hyo naturally hugged and also soothed Jong-kook! do you watch that?

That’s all around Kim Jong-kook and also Song Ji-hyo and also their SpartAce moments. Carry out you delivery them in Running Man? supporting them come share love and happiness everywhere! Don’t forget come leave your comments below!