Kim Go-Eun was born ~ above July 2, 1991, in the city the Seoul, south Korea. She is a renowned South korean actress and model who stole the understanding of countless after nailing her duty as Eun-gyo in the critically acclaimed film A Muse (2012).

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Later, she has end up being a regular face on the big screens, showing up in movies like Coin Locker Girl (2015), song in for Love (2019), and also tv series The King: Eternal king (2020).

Who is Kim walk Eun Boyfriend? Is She date Anyone?

The King: Eternal king stars Lee Min-ho and Kim Go-Eun has breathed their respective characters into life, so fans want to think that they would be a good pair in real life. In the drama series, they act prefer a actual couple, and also fans leave comments on social media encouraging them come date.

Kim Go-eun and also Shin Ha Kyun

Shin Ha-Kyun is a many award-winning actor recognized for his function in movies such as The front Line, Thirst, and Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance. He increased to call for showing North korean military male Jung Woo-jin in 2000 from a blockbuster film Joint defense Area.

Her boyfriend, Shin to be a mentor come the young actress, and in august 2016, she transferred to his firm HODU&U entertain after she previous contract expired. The couple joined a scuba diving club and became closer to every other, which at some point turned into something more.

On in march 22, 2017, both the actors broke up as result of their liven schedules. Their firm confirmed the separation news. “The two of them broke up in ~ the finish of February. They naturally drifted apart due to their liven schedules. They will continue to be on great terms together actors and firm junior and senior.”

Gong Yoo

Following the breakup, the rumor was carried up again, and the people speculated the the main reason behind Kim Go-Eun and Shin Ha-Kyun’s separation is one more famous gibbs from southern Korea, Gong Yoo.

Gong Yoo is Kim walk Eun’s husband in the K-drama, Goblin. Both actors, won everyone with their adorable on-screen chemistry.

In 2016, the command stars Kim walk Eun and Gong Yoo were spotted together in a restaurant, making human being curious around the actual score between them. The two appeared to be fairly comfortable with each other.

Kim go Eun shared a pair of stories (in Happy Together) regarding her relationship with the other cast members.

However, Both the actors’ organ clarified the rumors and also said the there was nothing much more than friendship in between the two stars. “The suspicions around her relationship with Gong Yoo are not true. Lock just operated together in a drama.”

At present, there is no information around Kim Go-Eun’s potential boyfriend. She is currently solitary and busy v her acting career.


In 2012, she began her acting career without any experience together an actress while still in college. The movie director Jung Ji-woo offered her a role in A Muse. The was she ticket come stardom, and also the young star make the many of it.

Later, she determined to take it a break from acting for two years, go ago to university to finish her education, and also return to another award-winning power in the movie Monster.

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Known Facts about Kim Go-EunShe had actually to change her hairstyle because that her function in Cheese in the Trap and also uses heavy eye assembly for her roles.Before coming to be an actress, she functioned at a café and a fitting model.Kim sang the theme song for the television drama Cheese in the Trap.She adheres to the good news Christian religion and speaks both Korean and Mandarin languages.