One of the main theme songs from the 2013 anime Kill la Kill, and also the opening track of the Kill la Kill Original Soundtrack. “Before My Body Is Dry” is the main leitmotif… Read More 

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In the dusty basement where we metMay you surprised me so muchBecause you're talking nowI gotta find the truth from many fightsBut I'm all aloneYou're the only one who can help me outWe'll be as oneWe're ready to fightLook over thereThey try to kill us for starsOur bond has got much stronger than beforeDon't lose your way in your mindWe have to be as oneDon't be afraid, my sweat heartThis is the way to be more strongHarbor my deep secretIt makes me so blueRun through this game before my body is drySo it seems there's no other choiceBut to go all outStay with me and let's stand outAnd out shine those trying to get our stars nowAll we have to do is figure out how strong we areAnd what it takes to stay aliveSync and learn what we can do to take 'em downIt's revenge and surviveFor now, we know in partAnd you can feel my heartSo help me to stay focused so I don't fall apartI wanna be completeIt's not in me to retreatI could lose on my own so I really need you with me

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I gotta find out who killed my dadI hear the voice of you in my mindI gotta find out who killed my dadI hear the voice of you in my mind soMy blood is pumpingI'm ready to fight when you areLet's let no one break the bond that is oursShow them what it means to be a shining starYou have my body, let's fight as oneCan't move my feet in the darkI don't wanna be all aloneCan't feel the heat in my bloodDo you remember what he said?Don't lose your way in your mind (I really need you with me)We have to be as one (Help me to stay focused)Don't be afraid, my sweat heart (I wanna be complete)This is the way to be more strongHarbor my deep secret (Fight as one with me)It makes me so blue (Let's take 'em down)Run through this game before my body is dry (Be a shining star)(You have my body, I'm ready to fight when you are)