Josh Groban talks to Scott Shannon in ~ WCBSFM around his latest album "Stages", a music theatre collection, and also working with Kelly Clarkson on the song "All i Ask the You"; a tune from "Phantom that the Opera".

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Live Latest: The Fugees reunite, Girl In Red hits the US and also IOW Festival shown for 2022

The latest tour and festival announcements for September 24th 2021.

Seven musicians you have the right to go regarding your following Halloween party

have actually a spookily music Halloween this year.

Jonny Wildey talks to us around novelist James Baldwin, animation, collaborating through Vince Staples and skipping gig queues!

when Brighton based musician Jonny Wildey is not developing sounds under the nom de plume of Alphabets heaven he"s embracing "a more traditional form...

Album that The Week: The 30th Anniversary the "Pretty on The Inside" by Hole

Courtney Love went from faith No an ext to Pagan Babies prior to roles in Sid and Nancy and Straight to Hell driven her front to kind her seminal...

Placebo - Beautiful James Audio

Returning v their very first new song in 5 years, Placebo have just reduce ‘Beautiful James’ as the first taster of their forthcoming album.

Live Latest: Ed Sheeran, Dua Lipa and also The kid LAROI fight the road, and brand-new artists announced for eco-friendly Man, TRNSMT and an excellent Escape 2022

Tour and also festival announcements because that September 17th 2021.

Queen Cult: The queer tape you’ll autumn in love v by 2022

The Cheshire four-piece unveil a new politically-charged solitary entitled display & Tell.

The Hollars Trailer

Don and Sally Hollars" household are all grown up and they live alone. Lock have...

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Crazy Stupid Love Trailer

Cal Weaver and his wife Emily live a perfect sub-urban life, kids, a satisfied house...

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