Kathie Lee Gifford\"s faith in God and love the music inform\"He experienced Jesus,\" a tribute to she late husband Frank Gifford she co-wrote with nation songwriter Brett James.

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Kathie Lee performed the tune on NBC\"s Today in Oct. 2017, a small over two years ~ Frank, a former brand-new York Giants star and also Pro Football hall of reputation inductee, passed away at age 84.

The track tells that the peace Kathie Lee found in Jesus Christ during one the the most trying moment of her life.

\"I uncovered my husband ~ above the floor one beautiful Sunday morning,\" she told Today co-host Hoda Kotb (as quoted byToday.com). \"I claimed this was the look at on his face -- and I said, \"He saw Jesus, and also Jesus take it his breath away.\"\"

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All proceeds from the tune went to global relief organization Samaritan\"s Purse.

\"I expect it brings hope to people,\" Kathie Lee said before premiering the song. \"So many human being loved Frank. Therefore many world still do. I want to honor his memory with it, however I likewise wanted the to carry out some good in the world.\"

Kathie Lee\"s no stranger come the recording studio. The Nashville resident\"s discography dates ago to gospel albums she videotaped in the \"70s, beginning with a duets album through her sister Michie. Since the \"90s, she\"s recorded multiple albums of gospel favorites, Broadway tunes and easy listening standards.

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\"He observed Jesus\" Lyrics

A small kiss, a small coffeeA small moment come prayOur Sunday mornings constantly started the wayMake up in the mirrorHumming a gospel songWhen ns came down the stairs i knew the something to be wrong

He to be lying top top the floorHe remained in a much better placeAnd I could tell for sure by the sweet look at on his face

He saw Jesus. He experienced JesusAnd He take it his breath away

He was a male who never wanted to leaving his houseBut that went residence that dayHe saw the heavens openSaw the Father\"s open armsAnd when you feeling that sort of loveHow might you stay

When he observed Jesus, reason he saw JesusAnd He took his breath away

No ns didn\"t shed him, I know right wherein he is.\"Cause the was never really mine, noHe was constantly HisAnd despite I miss out on his kissesI can\"t fill that empty spaceIt helps once I rememberThat sweet look on his face

When he observed Jesus. He experienced JesusAnd He took his breath away

He to be a male who never wanted to leave his houseBut he went home that dayHe observed the heavens openSaw the Father\"s open up armsAnd as soon as you view that sort of loveWhat can you sayBut say thanks to you Jesus