The Kata 3N1-33 Sling Backpack can be a Transformer in disguise and I would certainly cleverly referral the most appropriate character if ns knew anything around the show.

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Kata 3n1-33Tons that padded storageVersatile carrying systemLaptop sleeveWeather cover$145 MSRP


More flexible than a LeathermanPlenty that padded and customizable storageSurprisingly short price


It’s choose wearing a big shoe crate on your backIt looks choose a large shoe box


The 3N1-33 could be a photographer’s happy place. You might probably right a totality Ritz Camera store in it and also still have actually room because that a sack lunch. The bottom portion is intended to home your camera, lens and accessories. The top section unzips to reveal a handy storage compartment and also could hold virtually anything consisting of a preventive pair that shoes. The 3N1-33 even has a laptop sleeve big enough to manage a bulky 15-inch notebook.

The main attract to this backpack is the camera storage. It makes up around two-thirds of the bag and its vast interior space dwarfs mine Nikon D40. (yeah, ns know, it’s little anyway) yet even v a huge DLSR choose the Nikon D700, there is still room come store 7 accessories favor extra lens and flashes. Or, the dividers deserve to be rearranged to make room because that one much more full-size camera and a few lens.

But the tailoring doesn’t finish there. The bag is design so that it can be worn number of ways. Of course it deserve to be brought by the big top handle, however the ago straps deserve to be i ordered it so the bag have the right to be offered as a sling or backpack. When the straps aren’t in use, lock are easily stored behind the earlier padding.

Let’s to speak you desire to do it right into a sling. Pull one of the back straps out and snap it into the clip on the bottom. Desire a backpack? traction both straps out and clip them right into place. As soon as in sling mode though, the bottom next zippered doors act together a quick access panel to her gear. Yet watch out, you’ll look favor a giant nerd if you usage the bag this way. Clock the video clip at the bottom to watch what i mean.

Basically the 3N1-33 is for expert photographers that prefer role over fashion. The bag is essentially a large, soft box through a cool internal storage system. It’s the same shape even if it is it’s complete or empty. Totally expect to acquire some monster looks put on this bag; it’s the funny looking.

The boxy shape and also strap hiding capacity also makes it a good home-based warehouse system. It doesn’t issue if the bag is ass-ugly if it never ever leaves the house. (There needs to be a joke somewhere in there) even the most eclectic photographer must have enough room to keep his every his gear in this bag.

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But the 3N1-33 is too severe for me. Or possibly I’m not serious enough for this bag. Whatever the case, i doubt I could ever totally utilize this bag. But I’ll definitely try.

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