Listening to a leaked Kanye track feels prefer an intrusion of privacy. His now nearly 20 year-long tradition in hip-hop take away the phase alongside his an individual life, and the two are synergistic performers. In 2019, Kanye West represents more than the producer-wizkid the made the “Izzo (H.O.V.A)” beat and ushered in a brand-new era the hip-hop. He is a 24/7, borderline Truman Show-esque performance arts piece. Though he is acutely mindful of that fact, his characteristically vocal and also flagrant nature is just intermittently suppressed, usually as soon as he focuses that power on every little thing is next. “Shoot Up,” we’ll call it, featuring Bon Iver and also Santigold, plays much more like his signature slapdash stream of consciousness tweet threads than a perfect track.

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2016’s The Life that Pablo adjusted the etiquette of album releases. The album debuted ~ above February 11th, and also took to streaming services 3 days late after multiple revisions v the only interaction from the artist gift a Tweet that read “Ima fix wolves.”


West referred to as The Life that Pablo “a living, breathing, changing, an imaginative expression,” and further revisions have actually been do in the 3 years since its release. V the unofficial release of “Shoot Up,” audience of the Kanye present get a look in ~ the structure of what has actually the potential to be a successful foray right into alternative, one he greatly flirted through on 2018’s Kids watch Ghosts.

The quite flat and distant sample the acts as the song’s chorus is from the B.o.B. Track, “Shoot up The Station.” Santigold sings, stuttered in post, “shoot up-shoot up-shoot up the station, tv’s dead, tv’s dead.” The drums room expertly sampled, storage of the heavy-handed percussive slant of mine Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010). A one of dance snares tangoes v accented high hats, and also they wash every little thing in the mix. Add in a funkier bassline and organ and also the beat would be welcome in the shuffle the a brand-new Orleans funk jam. A two chord piano part peaks in throughout the chorus, Kanye singing along in unison.

The bass floods in, and also a wall of synths court Justin Vernon’s vocals, harmonized in genuine time v what sounds prefer Engineer kris Messina’s hardware and also software synth suite, aptly called “The Messina.” It gives Vernon’s voice a bellowing choral texture, familiar to fans of 2016’s 22, A Million. Kanye graces the track v some mumbled autotune ramblings, “come on, put your weapons up,” leaning into “and if you’re tired of every the lies,” ~ above repeat. Other audible lines include, “maybe we’ll gain through,” “if I die tonight, however now ns still alive.” it’s not much to walk on, but the skeletal nature the this track reads together a demo, so if anything, what is top top tape now is most likely (hopefully) a placeholder because that verses yet-to-be-written.

As an instrumental sketch, “Shoot Up” is a successful proof of concept for the sound Kanye is pursuing. While an suspect Yhandi demo, yes an equal possibility that this is an outtake from The Life the Pablo. Through such scant information, all details room pure speculation. In the occasion this monitor adorns the pits that a purple-taped minidisk, it’ll stand together a home window into the an innovative process of one of the 21st century’s most controversial figures.

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If his famous Sunday solutions are any kind of indication, Kanye’s 2019 retreat is walking well, and “Shoot Up” to represent an influenced direction indigenous a consummate innovator.