Joy-Con power troubles are no something to be ignored. And players can’t simply neglect such concerns as they avoid them from utilizing their Joy-Con controllers. If your Joy-Con battery depletes way too rapid or also fails come charge, this will have a an unfavorable impact on your gaming experience.The solutions noted in this overview will help you deal with the adhering to issues:Nintendo SwitchJoy-Con not chargingJoy-Con not holding chargeSwitch Joy-Con always low batteryNintendo move Joy-Con not turning on because of battery problems

Fixing Joy-Con Power issues For Good

Preliminary checks:Connect her Nintendo move console to its AC adapter and also make sure it’s powered on or at the very least in Sleep Mode. Otherwise her Joy-Con controllers i will not ~ charge.Use just original chargers, don’t usage third-party chargers together they might not be compatible through your controllers and also console. Keep in mind the the Joy-Con controllers require an initial Joy-Con Charging grip to actually charge. The charging is offered separately.Keep in mind the the Joy-Con controllers need between 3 and a fifty percent hours or sometimes even 4 hours to totally charge. Try to dignose and fix Joy-Con charging problems only ~ 4 hours have actually passed due to the fact that you plugged in the charger.

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Fix 1 – Reset the AC adapter

According to Nintendo’s main support page, the very first thing you need to do is reset your AC adapter.To reset your AC adapter, unplug in indigenous both ends and also leave it choose that because that 1 minutePress the SYNC button once on every controller to reset castle individuallyAttach the Joy-Con come the consolePlug in the AC adapter directly to a wall outlet and also then to her SwitchThe battery charging indicator must now be clearly shows in the left cornerPress the house button and also go come Controllers to inspect the battery charger for your console and also chargers.After the first step, while you’re waiting, make sure to inspect the adapter for any type of traces of cut or other such issues. If friend find any type of traces of damage, take into consideration replacing the charger.If your Switch battery is nearly depleted once your first plug in the AC adapter, keep in mind that the display will remain off with just the charging indicator displaying top top the screen. In this case, permit the console charge for 30 minutes, and then boots it up.After a complete charge, your Joy-Con battery deserve to last anything native 15 come 20 hours depending on the apps and also functions she using.

Fix 2 – test with another AC adapter and also charging grip

If you’ve got an additional Switch AC adapter and charging grip at hand, test to see if you have the right to properly fee your console and also Joy-Con utilizing them. If you’ve acquired a friend who additionally owns as Nintendo switch console, asking them to borrow their AC adapter and also charging tight for experimentation purposes.If you can’t charge your Joy-Con controllers once attached to her Switch however they do charge with a charging grip, this indicates there might be an concern with her console.

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Fix 3 – Reconnect her controllers

Open the system SettingsSelect Controllers and also Sensors
Select Disconnect Controllers and physically disconnect themNow, connect your Joy-Con controllers againHold the X button downPair the very same controllers again or extr controllers you might have.If her Joy-Con battery problems are still existing , you require to have your controllers repaired. Contact Nintendo’s support team for additional support.

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