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once the dark clouds come your wayWhen your demons can"t be tamedWhen her last straw starts to breakAnd you feel her heart can"t take it anymoreWhen your 2nd chance is goneWhen you"re proper hanging onWhen you"re tired of gift strong, and you don"t understand where to run anymoreI wanna take away the hurtsBut I simply don"t have the wordsLet me host youLet me host you tightLet me organize youJust allow me hold you tonight...When the shadow"s constantly thereWhen you can"t come up for airWhen tomorrow appears to command nowhereAnd there"s no answer to your prayer anymoreI wanna take far the hurtsBut I simply don"t have actually the wordsLet me hold youLet me hold you tightLet me hold youJust allow me hold you tonight...Let me organize youLet me host youLet me host you tightLet me hold youIt"s all the I deserve to do... Tonight.
permit Me host You text © Warner Chappell Music, Inc., universal Music publishing Group, BMG Rights administration
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