Why Brock Lesnar vs man Cena Is The best SummerSlam Main occasion Of all Time

Four months before SummerSlam 2014, Brock Lesnar scored the many newsworthy victory in WrestleMania history, once he turned The Undertaker’s 21-0 right into 21-1. Yet handing The Deadman his an initial ever L in ~ the Grandaddy that ’em all was not The Beast’s many impressive power of the calendar year.

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That distinction would go to the previous UFC Heavyweight Champion’s cruel decimation of john Cena en route to catching his an initial WWE human being Heavyweight Championship due to the fact that his 2012 return to the squared circle.

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The pair had already infamously challenged off just over two years previously, in Lesnar’s an initial match earlier with the agency following one eight year hiatus. Cena arised victorious indigenous an pure banger the a main event at too much Rules, in a enhance that nearly saw Lesnar immediately quit the agency after only just re-signing, supposedly furious end the physician of Thuganomics’ refusal to be stretchered out post-match, together was originally the plan.

However, a couple of years later Brock Lesnar vs man Cena part Deux (Electric Boogaloo) would certainly make Lesnar a lot of happier. And also the pair didn’t fail come deliver.

Before a German Suplex has been thrown, you might sense Brock Lesnar vs john Cena in ~ SummerSlam 2014 to be going to live long in the memory. Cena’s music hadn’t also hit and also there was standing Brock, in the middle of his ring, looking choose someone constructed a skyscraper the end of tanks, Paul heyman grinning like the many nefarious Cheshire Cat, clearly wise to the historic beating his client was about to inflict top top the civilization Champion.

Lesnar himself peers towards the enntrance gate way. Unflinching, emotionless. Once the Minnesota native had last been in the WWE title picture, man Cena wasn’t much much more than a transitional challenger, vanquished without lot ceremony at Backlash 2003. Eleven year later and also West Newbury’s favourite child had conquered the human being several times over and also isn’t much removed from beginning his own component time run. The Chain corridor leader’s music hits and also Brock’s reaction doesn’t alter. The doesn’t give a single, solitary toss about what Cena has completed in his time away from the company. Lesnar only cares around ripping the world Title belts from approximately Cena’s neck, in addition to Cena’s head in ~ the same time.

Big match John, because that his part, is remarkable subdued during his entrance. There’s no hurried sprint to the ring, no hollering come the camera or the crowd. Just a solemn unveiling the a ‘Never give Up’ banner and also a march into war.

And in ~ 30 seconds of the bell sounding, the war is both practically over and also only just beginning.

No sooner walk Cena charge Lesnar than he finds himself being pummelled ideal onto The Beast’s shoulders, where he is promptly F5’d to the canvas for a rapid close to fall.

The crowd room MOLTEN in ~ this point. Those the contrary the hard camer are on your feet. Lesnar’s currently decimated the world Champion in much less than half a minute, wherein else is this wildly going come go?

The prize is: straight to Suplex City. Bitch.

For the next 15-and-a-half minutes, Cena is walloped from pillar to post by the one time Next large Thing, that eats his opponent alive through brutal body shots and also suplex ~ suplex after suplex.

This laugh basically states “you’re f**ked”. Image: WWE

Crowd noise not subsiding, Cena sells his arse turn off for Lesnar’s volatile offence, which looks as realistic as anything you’ll ever see inside a rings ring, v the ref asking Cena if he desires to contact for the bell within the opening couple of minutes, such is the beating the awful Aggression poster boy is taking. The Beast litter the champ about like a rag doll. Cena wouldn’t have actually been able to sandbag Lesnar even if he’d want to. Each suplex notches a couple of extra degrees of ferocity together Cena bounces off the ring mat.

The parallels in between this match and classics between Vader and Ric Flair/Sting are there for every to see. Cena valiantly provides the sometimes comeback, but even as soon as he manages come drop the heavy artillery top top Brock, the has tiny to no effect. A desperation attitude Adjustment barely slowly Lesnar down as the champ tries to claw his way back right into the bout. Cena’s whole tactic is come survive. Hit and also run and also surprise the big man, just like Naitch and the Stinger would carry out to big Van in the early ’90s.

Only this time round, there is no heroic comeback. No 5 moves of death to secure victory. Instead, it’s a relentless procession for Lesnar in the direction of championship gold together he simply batters Cena into the mat together if he’s little an ext than a glorified enhancement talent and also not, y’know, a 15 time civilization Champion in ~ this point.

Dominance. Image: WWE

Seven years later and this battle remains the blueprint for what a standard main event should be. Lesnar repeated the trick versus Roman Reigns eight months later at WrestleMania 31, v very comparable results (albeit Seth Rollins ensuring the actual an outcome wasn’t rather the same). Physicality upon physicality upon emotion, vulnerability, anger and also desperation. The feeling that, if you’re lucky, at part point, you could survive simply long sufficient to score some offence that in reality slows Lesnar under or inflicts lasting damage on him. Therefore take the chance when you gain it. Go for broke, due to the fact that your home window is literally a handful of seconds before the anvil comes crashing right earlier down ~ above you to break her body and soul.

For WWE to authorize off on together a squash complement to not only take place at one of their biggest shows that the year but at the expense of one of their best stars of every time speaks volumes of how much they trusted both Cena and Lesnar, here. Administration knew the pair can deliver something important compelling and also believable the wouldn’t pains Cena one iota yet would also include even an ext aura to Lesnar and his streak break dominance.

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This match will proceed to stand the test of time and it will take something truly one-of-a-kind to usurp it as the greatest ever before SummerSlam key event. No push John and also Roman.