My girlfriend and I aren’t the type of couple to steer away from sexual experimentation. This willingness to experiment is made easy considering the fact that, as a sex writer, many sex toys are shipped to my house just prior or shortly after their release. That being the case, I was recently shipped JimmyJane’s latest iteration of their award-winning FORM models, the FORM 5 Vibrator ($145).

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I’ve previously reviewed an earlier model of the toy, the FORM 2, as well as a collection of other phallic-shaped devices in a prior editorial mission to determine which toy accomplishes optimal orgasm, to which the FORM 2 was the victor. It was no contest, really. That’s why when I received word of JimmyJane’s latest model, I was keen to try it out and give my girlfriend a toe-curling orgasm worthy of an AVN award.

I received the package one morning just prior to lunch, and opened my door half-naked with nothing but ill-fitting boxer-briefs on. Skeptical whether the deliveryman was privy to the contents inside the box, I stared down at the floor, interacting with the man as little as possible (not because I’m ashamed, but because I was barely dressed). I then took possession of the box, immediately slammed the door behind me, and fervently tore away at the package to expose JimmyJane’s latest treasure. What emerged, however, was not what I expected.


FORM 5 Vibrator, $99, Jimmy Jane

How It Works

“How’s that even supposed to work?” my girlfriend asked in reaction to viewing the device, to which I leafed through JimmyJane’s pamphlet in search of the answer. What I ultimately found was that the “wings” fastened to the tip of the device are to come in contact with the labia, while the “pleasure dome” located in between these wings delivers powerful vibrations to the almighty clitoris. What’s more is that the FORM 5 is multi-purposed (“great for couples!”), and can also be used on a penis. The penis rests on the pleasure dome as the wings flutter against the sides of the shaft, like a hot dog in a hot dog bun. (I"ll admit I did do this, and it felt great.)

Getting Started

Introducing a sex toy to initiate intercourse is a big no-no for my girlfriend and I, because a toy can be a tad aggressive to start things off. So we fooled around with some foreplay, and when things got heavy, I turned the FORM 5 on. I should add here that I don’t like having sex with the lights on, nor do I like having sex with the lights off. Instead, I prefer the dim light of a muted television, which, like Goldilocks would – presumably – prefer, resides in the middle of these two extremes. However, despite having access to this “just right” light, I still couldn’t manage find an area that felt correct for the tip of the toy. I would either use the thing aggressively as a dildo, or gently touch her with it; I couldn’t find that Goldilocks ideal in between the two. Since I can only blame a subtle lack of light so much, I will admit I was let down by the FORM 5, especially since I was such a big fan of the FORM 2.

Does It Get The Job Done?

While I’m sure this little thing does a fantastic job culminating an orgasm while masturbating, during sex it just seemed too involved — if I want to use a sex toy during intercourse, I want it to be straight-forward, and the FORM 5 wasn’t. While the toy certainly isn’t complicated, in the throes of intercourse, nobody wants somebody staring down at their genitals as if they’re reading a university-level math equation. I want something that’s easy and will get the job done, like the Hibatchi. This classic toy, if you’re unaware of it, started out as a massaging tool, but women soon found it was mighty proficient at pleasuring themselves, too, which ultimately became its use. Why did this become such a sexual phenomenon? My guess is because it’s big and easy to use. Had I used the Hibachi in this instance, it wouldn’t matter where I placed the damn thing, it was so big that it felt good regardless.

My girlfriend’s opinion on the toy really doesn’t differ much from mine. She liked the sensation of a vibrating toy, of course, but felt as if the wings and pleasure centre were somewhat unnecessary. To tell the truth, it wasn’t long before she asked me to toss the toy over my shoulder and do my thing. So, at the very least, the toy readied her for myself to pleasure her, which is what I assume most people would want from a sex toy, but again: we both felt it worked as well as any vibrator that size would, its “unique” features, however, really didn’t add much more to the device at all.


My Conclusion:

The trending curve of the sex toy market is similar to most other forms of technology: things are getting smaller yet they manage to offer more services. And I know I sound like a geezer when I say this, but: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Men are known to be good with their hands, so if we’re going to opt for a toy (which not all men are OK with doing in the first place), it better not make us look like we don’t know what we’re doing — because that’s already enough of a joke on our behalf.

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So ultimately, if you"re on the market for a new toy that"s unlike any other in your drawer, the FORM 5 could be for you — it offers a different sensation to most. However, I would only recommend you use it to pleasure yourself. Despite being labelled as such, I don"t think the FORM 5 is ideal for couples — it could be, I guess, but I"d recommend you both use it alone, which kind of defeats the purpose of a sex toy for couples

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