If you like to readjust your hair a lot, yet like to save your natural crvery own fairly untouched, extensions carry out an excellent possibility to play approximately with size, shade, and also style. But certain kinds of extensions can be painful and uncomfortable to save in because of the weight they put on your herbal hair, specifically if you have actually been wearing them for years like Jessica Simpson has.

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Simpson's worn her hair lengthy and buttery blonde for around as long as she's been famous — probably longer. Her signature length, but, is made possible via the help of a couple of well-put bundles. On August 5, the singer posted a selfie showing off her hair's current herbal size, which reaches around two inches below her clavicle.

In the photo, Simpson looks just as glamorous as she would wearing those extra inches. She captioned the photo, "This is blurry, however great Lord I love to be extension free" and also boy, have the right to I relate to that.

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About 6 years back, I reduced my hair right into a lob, and also shortly after started to I miss out on my lengthy hair. I wanted to add some length, so I made a decision to obtain some clip-in extensions. After a while, they really started to feel hefty on my scalp. Simpchild has actually been wearing extensions for years so I have the right to just imagine how excellent taking them out should feel.

Fans in the comment section swooned over her herbal look writing, "Your hair is so full without them!!