Mike, Pauly D, Ronnie and Vinny take a look ago at the roommates" wildest time in Miami -- consisting of the best fights, grossest moments and never-before-seen footage.

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The corridor reunites in las Vegas to fulfill Ronnie"s baby, however no one knows what carolannpeacock.come expect as soon as Ronnie"s relationship drama gets blasted almost everywhere social media.

Vinny and also Pauly accarolannpeacock.complish a pair of Canadian women, Jenni calls out the roomies for bailing on her Mother"s work videos, and Ronnie"s partnership drama proceeds to unfold.

Ronnie is propelled to the edge once the truth about his family case carolannpeacock.comes carolannpeacock.come light, the corridor wins big at the casinos, and Jen transforms up all of sudden at the suite.

Ronnie worries around his baby"s well-being once he it s okay news about Jen, beanie misses Pauly D while he"s out of town, and Angelina shocks the roommates once she pays a visit.

Angelina aggressively tries carolannpeacock.come smooth points over v Jenni, and Vinny misses Pauly so much that he carries around a cardboard cutout that him.
As their ras Vegas vacation nears the end, Nicole"s really extra girlfriend Joey carolannpeacock.comes for a visit, Jenni pipeline the trip early, and also Pauly plan a surprise.
Nicole and also Jenni try to mend your friendship, the men go infant shopping and revisit the Ronnie and also Jen warzone, and Vinny and also Pauly do a significant bro-mmitment.
Jenni and also Angelina lastly bury the hatchet, and also the gang takes a nostalgia-filled trip ago to Seaside Heights.
Back where it all started, the roommates gain a night ago in their initial seaside house, yet things acquire messy once Vinny and Angelina air out old dirty laundry.
Ronnie provides a surprised appearance in ~ Deena"s sex reveal party, and later, everyone heads to Atlantic City for Pauly"s DJ gig.
In Atlantic City, the roommates perform their ideal to assistance Ronnie and Jen’s relationship while celebrate at Pauly’s date of birth gig, and also Angelina proceeds to flirt v Vinny.
As the roommates head back to the Jersey shore, Ronnie and also Nicole cut loosened before everyone else arrives, and Angelina it s okay flirty with Vinny ~ a fight with her fiance.
Jenni joins Mike for his motivational decided at a rehab facility, Pauly carolannpeacock.come for family dinner, and Angelina pushes beanie too far in your love-hate relationship.
Mike carolannpeacock.competes in a burger-eating contest, Nicole bring away a pregnancy test, and history repeats itself as soon as Ronnie it s okay into hot water (literally) with an additional woman.
The roommates carolannpeacock.come up with sophisticated scheme carolannpeacock.come kidnap Deena and also bring she to the house, when newly single Ronnie takes time to himself to concerned terms with his breakup.
The roommates litter a party through Slip "N Slides, bounce castles and more, and also a night out heats up once a stranger pushes Ronnie to his break point.
A contact from home leaves Ronnie worried and also everyone else skeptical, and also the roommates aid Deena honor her father"s memory and fight cancer with a fundraiser.
The Jersey Shore: family members Vacation actors looks earlier at unaired moment from the show, from Mike"s futile fitness journey to Pauly"s pranks carolannpeacock.come Angelina"s sex-related experimentation.
As Mike prepares for both a jail sentencing and also his wedding, the ladies take his fiancee Lauren carolannpeacock.come a wedding dress fitting, and also Jenni shuts under discussions around her divorce.
Ronnie cases to have acquired into an altercation in a parking lot, and the roommates gather together Mike receive his criminal sentencing for taxation evasion.
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