From snuggling selfies to wearing each other's jewellery - here's everything you need to know about the former couple.

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2. It all started back in 2013, when Jennifer Lopez made a jaw-dropping entrance at The Grammy Awards.

Drake couldn't quite believe his luck when Jennifer stepped out in this stunning off-the-shoulder black gown. The rapper looked around in disbelief at the gorgeous brunette and a GIF of the moment went viral. Pictures: Getty & YouTube


3. Fast-forward three years and Jennifer Lopez proved there was still a spark between the pair.

In February 2016, the R&B songstress was seen twerking on Jimmy Fallon's show to the song 'Work' by Rihanna - which features none other than Drizzy Drake. Picture: YouTube


4. In December 2016, Drake made an appearance at one of Jennifer Lopez's shows in Las Vegas.

He soon began to look like Jennifer Lopez's number one fan, popping up at a number of her 'All I Have' concerts in Sin City and even holding her diamond-encrusted Yankees cap while she hit the stage.Picture: Instagram


5. It wasn't long before the couple took their first selfie together.

Rumours soon began flying that Hip-Hop had a new celebrity couple on it's radar, which evidence like this photo suggesting that the pair had been spending a lot of quality time together. Picture: Instagram

6. More photos of Drizzy and Jenny together appeared on Instagram.

Comedian Kevin Hart and singer Kristen Chenoweth joined the new rumoured couple backstage at Jennifer Lopez's show. Picture: Instagram

7. And soon enough, Drake and Jennifer Lopez seemed to make it official by posting this snap.

This cute picture of Drizzy and J. Lo cuddling went viral and sent the internet into unadulterated chaos. Rihanna stans were commenting on Jenny's photo with snake emojis, whilst many users praised the relationship. Picture: Instagram

8. Drake's ex-girlfriend Rihanna reportedly unfollowed Jennifer Lopez on Instagram.

RiRi reportedly showed her opinion of their relationship by unfollowing her friend Jennifer Lopez on the popular photo-sharing app. She still doesn't follow Drake. Picture: Getty

9. If that didn't prove their relationship, these raunchy Snapchat videos might do the trick.

Videos surfaced of Drake and Jennifer getting up close and personal at a 'Winter Wonderland' party. The pair were seen kissing, slow dancing and grinding up on each other. Picture: Instagram

10. J. Lo was later seen wearing a familiar-looking necklace at a party.

Eagle-eyed fans were quick to spot the similarity between the gold chain around Jennifer Lopez's neck and one in a certain someone's Instagram photo. Picture: Instagram

11. Drake originally featured Jennifer on his song 'Get It Together', from his 2017 album More Life.

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The pair had been busy in the studio working on new music and planned to release the new song, sampling Black Coffee's 2011 funky house hit 'Superman', for More Life. However, in the end, British singer Jorja Smith - who later went on to date Drake herself - featured on the track instead. Picture: Instagram

12. Four years after their short-lived fling fizzled out, Jennifer gave Drake a subtle shout out.

Their relationship didn't last long, and Lopez soon moved on to baseball star Alex Rodriguez. She and A-Rod were engaged but were rocked with split rumours in early 2021, before reports claimed they were "working on their relationship". During this time, Lopez posted a bikini-clad Instagram story of herself in the sun vibing to her ex-boyfriend Drake's collaboration with DJ Khaled, 'POPSTAR'. Picture: Instagram