Jennifer Connelly has actually long to be a mainstay in Hollywood. Born ~ above Dec. 12, 1970, as noted by Hello!, Connelly has spent many of she life in front of a camera in one means or another. She began off she career in show organization as a child model and quickly pivoted to acting, landing her huge break in Labyrinth. Connelly appeared to stop the boy star curse, although that doesn"t mean she escaped completely unscathed. Connelly has maintained a effective career throughout she life, yet it"s a career that has had some major ups and downs. Connelly gained through her hardships, though, and also is now thriving. 

Connelly appears to have struck the appropriate work-life balance, continuing to act and spend time with her family, which has her husband, other actor Paul Bettany, and her three children. Clearly, Connelly has changed a lot due to the fact that her at an early stage years in the exhilaration industry. Here"s a closer look at at her stunning transformation. 

Jennifer Connelly"s career acquired off to an early start. In ~ the period of 10, she broke into the entertainment market as a version after a family members friend argued to her parents that they lug her come an audition, as noted by the Independent. The friend"s instinct around Connelly"s potential together a version proved to be correct, together she to be signed to the Ford Agency.

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Connelly discovered success as a model and made appearances in magazines and also television advertisements. That wasn"t long prior to her exhilaration career took turn off in 1984"s Once top top a Time in America. She was just 12 as soon as she landed the role, informing Rolling Stone the she "was this tiny, nervous, mousy tiny thing."

Connelly hadn"t enjoyed modeling, but acting proved to it is in a much better fit for her skills and interests. Come Rolling Stone, she revealed the Once top top a Time in America, in i beg your pardon she played the younger variation of Elizabeth McGovern"s character, is "one of the few movies" of hers that she enjoys seeing since she has actually so small screen time. In one interview v CBS News, Connelly debated the film, saying that her an initial film suffer was "magical."

While Jennifer Connelly"s career gained off to very early and effective start, establishing her job so young likewise led to a most unhappiness. The actress views she childhood with a an essential lense, telling the Independent that, while she obtained a many steady employment and worked hard, "there were good things about it and things that were difficult" in regards to gift a son star. Connelly said that life together a child actor was much from glamorous and that she discovered her job "a little bit stagnating." Connelly referred to her younger self as "underdeveloped emotionally," adding, " i didn"t come to be a teenager till my twenties."

While Connelly loves acting, she"s had a love/hate partnership with she stardom, informing Vogue the her "life had actually been sort of hijacked by this career." Learning just how to balance she career with having a life outside of occupational was miscellaneous that would certainly take Connelly year to number out.

Many the Jennifer Connelly"s pan in the western world are unaware of the fact that, because that a while, she was sort of a huge deal in Japan. Because that a time, she was even unaware the this herself. As soon as she was a teenager, she appeared in some commercials in Japan. Also though, as she stated on The Graham Norton Show, she had "no aspirations to be a singer," she sang a song in Japanese in a Japanese commercial heralding a Technics sound system. She forgot about the commercial because that years, till she was informed by Graham Norton that the song had actually become a smash struggle in Japan, hitting the peak of the Japanese charts.

Connelly"s reaction to being told she had a no. 1 solitary in Japan was among shock. She admitted the she wasn"t also been sure what she was singing about as she doesn"t actually speak fluently Japanese.

While she"d currently been exhilaration for a while when she landing her function in 1986"s Labyrinth, the movie would certainly prove to it is in a transforming point in Jennifer Connelly"s career. The would also turn out to be among her most memorable roles. Connelly was just 15 at the time and was in awe of acquiring to occupational with the legendary David Bowie. "I obtained to know him as lot as one gets to understand David Bowie," she told Rolling Stone.

The movie, i m sorry featured part seriously dark moments, was a box office bomb, however it would certainly go ~ above to come to be a cult classic. After ~ Bowie"s death in 2016, Connelly spoke to Entertainment Tonight about exactly how much working on the film v Bowie supposed to her. "He to be lovely," she said. "He was just a nice, sweet man — cracked jokes and friendly through the crew." She added that she to be struck by Labyrinth"s "beautifully designed" sets, saying, "It was choose wonderland because that me." 

Haven"t checked out the movie in a while? right here are things around Labyrinth that just adults notice.

Being a kid star didn"t mean that Jennifer Connelly completely missed the end on a regular adolescence. She determined to take a break from exhilaration to walk to college. She originally enrolled at Yale, wherein she learned English, yet ended up carrying to Stanford. Connelly called The Telegraph that she at first attempted to study physics but "just bombed."

After two years the college, Connelly moved to Stanford, however never finished her degree. In one interview v the Independent, she revealed the she hadn"t been "looking for a vocation" in college, yet instead she just wanted her "own personal self-edifying experience external of the movies." She chose to return to acting, speak she uncovered she enjoyed it a lot an ext as one adult. "I went v a negative patch, yet when it"s great it"s great, it"s really great," she claimed of her career. 

Connelly still offers a most what she learned in college and enjoys reading and also writing poems.

Even though Jennifer Connelly had developed herself in she career at a young age, she uncovered herself struggling come prove herself as a major actress. Instead, people saw she talent together superficial. While she was known as a sex symbol, she want to be respected for she art. 

Part of the trouble was the Connelly wasn"t being selective enough in the duties she was acquisition on. "I wasn"t yes, really making the choices," she told the Hartford Courant, recalling the time one of her professors discussed seeing her in a suggestive display screen for one of her films, in which she talk a mechanical horse. Connelly chose then that she wanted a change, thinking, "This is not what I desire to be. Ns don"t want to be that girl in the tank peak right now."

Connelly determined from climate on come have an ext autonomy and also to maintain an ext control over her career and her image. This would prove come not just be a turning point in her skilled life, but in her an individual life as well.

While The Guardian noted the it to be 2000"s Requiem because that a Dream, in i beg your pardon Jennifer Connelly play a heroin addict, that helped her "claw her way towards respectability" and also establish herself as a severe actress, Connelly said that she considers Waking the Dead (also exit in 2000) as the true turning point in her career. Connelly revealed that she "really campaigned for" the component and auditioned because that it twice. Waking the Dead to be the first film she made after having actually a baby, and also she "knew that everything was changing... At the time."

Filmmaker Keith Gordon was originally reluctant to actors her in the film. In one interview with Senses of Cinema, that recalled thinking that Connelly to be "this gorgeous woman with a great body" however "not a great actress." Connelly"s agent propelled Gordon come look at few of her lesser known performances, including 1996"s Far Harbor. Gordon was blown far by her performance.

Waking the Dead opened up the door come meatier functions for Connelly. In 2002, her initiatives to transform she career to be rewarded with an Oscar for finest supporting actress in A Beautiful Mind.

Things changed a lot for Jennifer Connelly after she had a baby. Not only was she responsible for another human life, yet her approach to she career was additionally transformed. "Being a mommy is so lot a component of what I execute every day and also who ns am the it informs pretty much every little thing I carry out on some level," she revealed to Traveling Boy. "It"s difficult for me to different from that because I"ve been a mother for for this reason long."

Connelly stated that she loves motherhood and likewise loves work, considering it s her "really privileged to be able to do both." She added that, while motherhood has influenced she acting, she job has also influenced her parenting. "I"m fulfilled having my own an imaginative outlet, which contributes to my capability to parental my youngsters in the way that I parental my kids and also having that balance at home effects my work," she said.

The actress revealed the there"s no great secret come juggling she career with her family. It"s "just a matter of ... Looking at calendars," said Connelly.

Jennifer Connelly is married to fellow actor Paul Bettany, and also the pair have actually been with each other for quite some time. While numerous celebrity couples have their resides splayed throughout the tabloids, Connelly and Bettany carry out their best to store their resides out of the public eye. The pair first met in 2000 top top the set of A Beautiful Mind. While lock didn"t automatically become a couple (both the them were in relationships with other people at the time), they go share a shared attraction. Connelly said Entertainment Tonight that she was instantly struck through Bettany"s talent, while she now-husband said he"d "never been this close to someone that beautiful before."

The couple met again "months and months" after ~ A Beautiful Mind wrapped. Both were solitary by the time, and Bettany request Connelly out. Connelly told Glamour that they "got with each other really quickly" and that she fell for him due to the fact that she felt he to be "someone singular and rare and beautiful."

The pair were married in 2003 and also have two youngsters together, Stellan and also Agnes Lark, in addition to Connelly"s boy from a previous relationship, Kai.

While Jennifer Connelly is a talented actress v a varied range, she generally takes on gritty, serious duties that some could even contact dark. While she has actually a handful of comedies under she belt, including the 2009 comedy-drama He"s just Not That into You, her funny roles are couple of and far between. Connelly blames her face for this, telling CBS News the her eyebrows make her "look stern" even when she"s not trying. She added, "If I"m no feeling cross, ns look a small bit cross. I can"t help it. It"s just my face."

Connelly also tends come gravitate towards more serious roles for another reason. In one interview v Vogue, she said that she finds "dramas v women that are, friend know, grieving" to be much more "interesting."

The actress admitted that the varieties of duties she generally takes on have actually influenced how world think the her. She insisted that, in real life, though, she isn"t "a specifically sad person." Connelly continued, "I don"t feeling bereft or depressed. I don"t think of myself as chilly."

Jennifer Connelly might act for a living, yet that doesn"t typical she"s normally extroverted. The actress was fairly reclusive in her younger years. Once she was in college, she retained to herself, although this wasn"t completely by choice. The actress admitted come Vogue that, if she "wanted so much to be part of a community," she "had no idea just how to execute it." She threw herself right into her schoolwork instead of occurring a social life.

This pattern continued for years, and it wasn"t till she ended up being a mommy that Connelly really began to transform. "From the moment Kai was born, it to be like whatever was thrown open," stated Connelly, adding that she learned "how to be component of a community" because that the benefits of she son. These days, she husband, Paul Bettany, whom she defines as "the most extroverted, social person," likewise helps her maintain a an ext active social life.

Jennifer Connelly might be an ext social 보다 she was together a young adult, yet she"s additionally still a very private person. She doesn"t share countless details of her personal life through the public, sticking mainly to speaking about her job in interviews. She quiet life could be part of the reason that her marriage to Avengers: Infinity War star Paul Bettany has lasted because that well over a decade — a long time by Hollywood standards. 

Connelly told the Independent the she"d like to spend time v her family and also her kids when she gets a break from work. "Going to premieres is no my idea the a fun night out," she said. What is fun is going to the U.K. To hang out v her husband"s friends, and Connelly stated that she has a distinct fondness for London and also enjoys travel to Ireland. She"s not being chauffeured roughly in a limo on her trips, either. "Last time i went , i rented a car and spent many of mine time in Dublin and also on the west coast," she said.

Far from the "mousy little thing" she once explained herself as, Jennifer Connelly is now an outspoken and fierce feminist that isn"t afraid to weigh in on concerns that are necessary to her. It"s no mystery that sex inequality has long been a substantial problem in Hollywood, and also Connelly is one of the civilization who has actually taken a stance against it. In 2017, she was among the actresses in the farming #MeToo activity who condemned Harvey Weinstein. She told Today, "I think that no mrs should need to suffer those type of violations to acquire or preserve a job." She decried his actions together "a violation of human rights."

Connelly is likewise frustrated at just how women are viewed in the industry, noting the the type of concerns she it s okay asked by journalists are really different indigenous the kinds of questions her husband, Paul Bettany, gets asked. "No one ever asks Paul if it"s hard juggling work and also family," she said Net-a-Porter"s The Edit (via People).

While Jennifer Connelly when took on roles as they came, she"s now much more selective about the movies she signs on for. Part of this is since of the meeting she made to just take on roles that fit she plans for she career, and component of it is because she simply wants to invest time with her family. Her IMDb profile reflects that she"ll frequently take 2 years between projects. From 2012 come 2019, she only racked up nine credits, showing up in nothing released in 2013, 2015, or 2018.

It"s a note of how far Connelly"s career has actually come that she is happy to walk years without a project, specifically after her lengthy struggle to develop herself together a significant actress. She has actually no regrets over her more sporadic exhilaration schedule. "I obtained to invest the whole year with my kids and also my husband," she called The Guardian in 2009 in the direction of the finish of a year-long hiatus both she and her husband take it from the business. "And that"s wonderful. My project really suits me."

Jennifer Connelly has readjusted since she landing her very first acting roles an ext than 30 year ago, yet the industry has transformed as well. In one interview with L"Officiel, she discussed how the film sector has adjusted with more people streaming movies instead of going come the theater. "These days, the films made because that theatrical release need to be spectacles," she said.

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Top Gun: Maverick, the 2020 sequel come 1986"s Top Gun, could definitely be taken into consideration one that those spectacles. Connelly couldn"t share plenty of details around the film, return she stated she "loved functioning on the project" and also that the film "promises to it is in extraordinary." Connelly plays a character who was stated in the very first film.

Tom Cruise evidenced Connelly"s authorized in the film in 2018, informing Extra that he"s an admirer of Connelly. "She is enormously talented," the said. "She"s gonna be remarkable in the movie."