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Oh...I favor the party life...Break Out The Red LightsThe city in bappropriate lightsWelcome To The Party LifeThese girls dressin" skintight...Welinvolved the 70"s--Sweet!Ordered some PatreezyWhile talkin" to this breezyBrushin" off my three-piece, I make this look as well easySo tall and also lanky, my suit?It have to say thanks to meI make it look excellent to be this hood, Meyer LanskyMixed with Lucky LeftyGangster effortlesslyPoppa was a rolling rock is in my ancestryI"m in a totality "nother league, niggas never before capture meAnd I sport fly shit, I should win the espy(Baby I, I sassist I sport fly shit, I have to win the Espy...I"m really in another league, babe...I acquired a slick mouth, you might wanna roll with me,)I"m on her bra strap, she"s on my diiiickAin"t nothin" wrong with that, that"s my biiiitchI be the boss of that, I"m on her shiiiitSo all you niggas loss back, I"ll break-up ya wigShe"s my bit quarterearlier... Ya dig?Cause I"m all that and a sack... Ya, ya dig?I spoiled herFoiled it if you fakin", JackShe"s supplied to million-dollar vacationsFuck ya"ll gon" execute with that?When you"re blueYou obtained nothin" to do(Ay, baby, watch,...When you"re offered to Filet Mignon,)Head into the party life(Its kinda tough to go ago to Hamburger Helper...)If you"re feelin" lowWe got to go(Its your choice though, baby...)Get right into the party lifeIs you rollin" rollin" rollin"?(Yeah, baby...)Is you headin" to the party life?(Is you rollin"?You deserve to stall out or sphere out...)Is you rollin" rollin" rollin"?Is you headin" to the party life?(Make an option...It"s so gangster, baby...)Is you rollin" rollin" rollin"?Sippin" on my vinoGot me cooler than PacinoAnd Deniro put together my genuine life it"s like casinoThey need to pay me for some B-rollTakin" G-strolls through the ghee-toAnd rap-p-p-pid fire"s just a neccesary evilHola Hovito", cooler than zeroBelow fresh one blade, no chemoArt with no easelPlease, it"s no equalYa boy"s off the wall, these other niggas is TitoOh...I favor the party lifeThe city in bideal lightsThese girls dressin" skintight...(Damn,...Ay baby, I said I"m, I"m Off The Wall surface, I"m prefer a...Young Michael Jackboy, these various other niggas is Tito...Shout out to Randy, Real Talk!)When you"re blueYou got nothin" to do(I"ma simply let this ride out...)Head into the party life(I might let it ride out for choose 7 minutes, you deserve to groove to it, whatever)If you"re feelin" lowWe gained to go(Lets two-step... Aaow!)Get right into the party life(Guru, revolve the lights down, allows keep it smooth...This that shit you roll up, like a lil" tight J to...Sip ya lil" wine...)Is you rollin" rollin" rollin"?Is you headin" to the party life?Is you rollin" rollin" rollin"?Is you headin" to the party life?(Whatever before your vice is, you know?Whatever before you choose to do... Get into yo" comfort zone, baby...Get into yo" comfort zone... Uh huh)When you"re blueYou gained nothin" to do(Head into the party life...)Head right into the party lifeIf you"re feelin" lowWe obtained to go(I don"t even want it to soptimal, tho, forreal tho...)Get into the party lifeTip right into my bedroomI speak to it the Red roomC-cause it gets h-h-hot-t-tI trust you gon" favor itSee, why are we talkin" all this fly shit?C-c-c-c-reason I"m the flyestHovito, babyNo equal, babySo, petite n" goldLet the beat goNow I"m eatin" gold, babyHovito, babyNo equal, babySo, petite n" goldLet the beat goNow have the right to we go crazy?...(Ooh!...)When you"re blueYou gained nothin" to doHead into the party lifeIf you"re feelin" lowWe obtained to goGet into the party life...