Jared Leto's self-destruction Squad Joker Tattoos defined Jared Leto"s Joker tattoos verified to it is in a controversial facet of his take it on the personality in self-destruction Squad. Here"s the an interpretation behind them.

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reaction to Jared Leto"s take on the Joker in 2016"s Suicide Squad were decidedly mixed, however what do the character"s assorted tattoos really mean? The Joker is may be the most renowned villain in comic book background and following his introduction in 1940, he"s morphed native comical prankster to among Batman"s most lethal foes. Wherein Batman desires to bring order and also justice to Gotham City, the Joker thrives on chaos and also destruction.

The Joker has actually been memorably carried to life in a number of mediums. Jack Nicholson"s Joker in Tim Burton"s Batman is among the many iconic, however Mark Hamill"s portrayal in Batman: The man Series to video clip games choose Batman: Arkham Knight is likewise considered definitive. While fans were skeptical when Heath Ledger was cast in the duty for The Dark Knight, the actor would quickly prove lock wrong through his mesmerizing portrayal. Ledger tragically happen away prior to the movie"s release and would earn a posthumous best Supporting actor Academy Award for his work.

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Fans room excited to watch what Joaquin Phoenix does v the role in the standalone Joker movie, which promises to be a dark, grounded take it on the villain. Responses come Jared Leto"s interpretation in David Ayer"s Suicide Squad was famously divided. From story of his outlandish habits during filming come his garish look, it"s fair to say Leto"s performance separation opinions. That said, he definitely lugged a brand-new energy and look to the part, specifically in regards come the plenty of Joker tattoos.

Ayer would state the Joker tattoos all tell a story and contain a variety of easter eggs. Also the character"s contentious grill has a backstory, with Ben Affleck"s Batman having smashed the Joker"s teeth after he murdered Robin. Ayer and Leto attracted inspiration native real-life medicine lords because that the character"s look and also fascination through tattoos, so here"s the definition behind some of the Joker"s most significant ink.


Probably the many controversial tattoo because that fans, the "Damaged" stamped top top the Joker"s forehead is plan to it is in a an individual message to Batman, blaming the for damaging his good looks after discovering out his teeth. Ayer would later admit this specific tat was probably a mistake.


The HAHAHA"s uncovered on Joker"s chest and also left arm is a trademark that the character to suggest he"s always laughing around something. He also spraypainted Robin"s suit in the same means after his killing to taunt Batman.

The J Initial

Prior to the relax of Suicide Squad, a renowned fan theory proclaimed Leto"s Joker was actually Jason Todd, and the "J" tat top top his cheek was a nod come this. This has subsequently to be proven false, however, and also is likely simply a vanity referral to his very own name.

The Stabbed Bat Logo

Found ~ above Joker"s left eight is a Batman logo stabbed through a knife. This could either be a referral to Joker"s desire to death the Caped Crusader or an additional nod come the fatality of Robin.

Dead Robin

A tattoo of a robin pierced v an arrow is uncovered on the Joker"s ideal bicep, which is a pretty dull taunt to Batman over death Robin in the past.

The Smiles

Leto"s Joker has three tattoos that toothy smiles; one top top his right forearm, his left hand, and his stomach. He provides the left-hand grin to hide his very own smile during one scene, arguing the tattoos space to hide his very own insecurity end Batman shattering out his real teeth.

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A pretty self-explanatory one, with this torso tattoo precise branding the character as the Joker. The rogue possibly got this one to melted whoever he remained in his former life.

"God"s just Child"

This tattoo is uncovered on Leto"s ago and is one of two people a not so subtle recommendation to the Joker seeing himself as distinct or a jab in ~ the idea the religion.

"All In"

One that the most distinctive Joker tattoos is of a deck of cards top top his neck labeled "All In." Cards space obviously a big part the the Joker"s history and "All In" is most likely a recommendation to exactly how the villain resides his life. He likewise has a tattoo of card suits ~ above his knuckles.

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The Jester tattoo top top Joker"s chest in Suicide Squad could be a referral to his partnership with Harley Quinn. The fact the Jester is a skull says a darker meaning, however.

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