Bach star Jamie Doran claims he’s taking legal action against Ten - but the network’s brief response argues he may be all talk.

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Jamie Doran, a existing cast mate on Bachelor in Paradise, has actually announced he’s suing Netoccupational Ten and also the producers of the franchise, Warner Bros Australia.

But in a brief, one-line response, Ten say they haven’t “received any type of papers” from the reality star.

In a post shared on Instagram on Wednesday, Jamie – who first appeared on our display screens in the 2019 season of The Bachelorette and also was easily branded a “stage-five clinger” – dropped the bombshell

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“This is not the I wanted to write-up, but I feel I owe this to at least my household, friends and also also fans of The Bachelorette and also Bachelor in Paradise,” the 40-year-old firefighter wrote.

“After lengthy consideration, I’ve made a decision to begin legal proceedings versus Netjob-related 10 & Warner Bros. Australia.

“I’m not going to discuss this any kind of additionally and would appreciate it if human being would certainly respect my privacy.”

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Several hours after Jamie made the announcement, a Network-related 10 spokesperson said: “Netoccupational 10 has actually not received any type of papers regarding this insurance claim.”

Doran does not go into any kind of even more information about his factors for pursuing legal activity, yet some viewers wondered about Bachelor in Paradise’s duty of care after confronting scenes last week confirmed him breaking dvery own in hysterical tears as he begged close frifinish Timm Hanly not to leave the display.

In the aftermath, organize Osher Gunsberg protected the ”robust” mental health and wellness assistance device in location for contestants:

To be CLEAR. The amount of mental health support before/during/after manufacturing for the human being on this present it significant. But you"ll never before recognize that accessed it, that asked for it, and also who proceeds through it because of privacy. But trust me, it"s ROBUST. #bachelorinparadiseau

— Osher Günsberg (

It"s most likely pertinent to suggest out that everyone on the present has actually carolannpeacock.complete access to psychological health specialists and also assistance from the Warner Bros. Australia and Network 10 groups prior to, throughout and after production. #bachelorinparadiseau

— Osher Günsberg (

Jamie’s copped plenty of criticism this seakid over his treatment of Brittney Weldon, with whom he’s occurred a “friendship” pact via which sees them platonically gift each various other roses to continue to be in the game.

Last week, he hit back and defended himself in a fiery article, while likewise disabling carolannpeacock.comments on his Instagram web page.

Jamie is no stranger to backlash from viewers of the franchise. During his 2019 Bachelorette seachild, he was branded a “stalker” and “clinger” by both fellow contestants and viewers over his attempts to woo Angie Kent.

It culminated in a heated on-screen conversation between Angie and Jamie, wbelow she was forced to ask him why everyone had actually warned her paleas she must steer clear of him.

“They feel that I’m as well needy for you, prefer a stage-five clinger,” he told her.

Then saying it was “like a carolannpeacock.compliment”, he included, “I’m nearly, favor, too much of an excellent guy”.

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