I acquire excited every time Jack in package comes out through a new Munchie Meal. I feel like Jack supplies the Munchie meal line come let their imaginations operation wild and be fully unapologetic about the wacky foods items they come up with. “Mozzarella sticks on a chicken sandwich? Yes. Jalapeño poppers top top a burger? Yes. Chicken and hash browns on a croissant? HOW have the right to WE NOT?”

If this every sounds favor the ramblings that a stoner, well, Jack in the Box has actually done nothing come discourage this idea. Munchie Meals supplied to it is in advertised as easily accessible between 9pm and also 5am, but they’ve due to the fact that made that clear that if you have an office job, you can still get your munchies fix. It will just price you $2 more, for part reason.

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In an additional move far from weed culture, Jack has moved far from his “puppet hanging out with Weedlord Cheeto ~ above the couch” commercials and also has unable to do in a different, an ext mature direction.

It’s all narrated by the standard old guy sitting in the corner of a dark, dingy pool hall, put on a bowler hat due to the fact that they’re always wearing a bowler hat. Jack beginning looking choose a bad update of the Fonz, but I guess: v he’s claimed to look really cool. That walks in, sinks an entire 8-ball rack in one shot, shoves a Spicy Nacho Chicken Sandwich in a surprised man’s face, and walks out.

“It was just an simple night until he confirmed up, v a hungry watch in his eyes. And then…he made…the shot. And when jaws dropped, he had actually something for that too.” then the old guy chuckles due to the fact that he is wise.

I’m not entirely sure what allude the advertising is making. Or who Jack is play against, since he just sinks the balls and walks right earlier out in the expectations of 21 seconds. Also, it’s nice rude to just shove a sandwich right into someone’s maw, yet on the other hand it’s rude to walk in, take it up a table and then leave without paying.

I guess I’d be surprised too, however in more of a “what the fuck simply happened?” means than a jaw-dropping awed kind of way.

As always, mine Munchie meal came with two tacos, halfsies (half regular, half curly fries), the sandwich and also a drink. Since I’m conveniently susceptible to signage, I determined to stimulate a Loco Lime Fruit Cooler as my drink, because I’d never had one before and there to be an advertisement for that hanging ideal there.

However, the lady top top the other end of the talky box thought “Loco Lime” translated to “iced mocha”. As shortly as the indigenous “Loco Lime” had actually left my lips, ns regretted the silly phrase, and since ns refused to say that twice, I simply went through the coffee drink.

Let this it is in a great to quick food marketing groups – those of united state who are conveniently embarrassed will be placed off by silly-sounding menu items we need to say out loud. I’m looking in ~ you, Taco Bell, with your Doubledillas and your Quesaritos.


The Spicy Nacho Chicken Sandwich is unassuming on the outside, uneven the instant mess the the Exploding Cheesy Chicken was. It’s likewise on the small side for a chicken sandwich, but that’s to be meant – after ~ all, you’re likewise dealing with two tacos and halfsies. I’ve constantly found the “Munchie” in Munchie enjoy the meal to it is in a little misleading, together I am always stuffed after eat one.

Jack in the Box defines the sandwich together “Spicy crispy chicken topped through onion rings all extended in nacho cheese sauce v jalapeños ~ above toasted sourdough bread.” A nice no-frills deconstruction.


After detaching the peak bun, we get to the meat that the matter. 2 onion rings the eerily compliment the circumference of the bun, 3 jalapeños, one spicy chicken…filet thing, and, of course, the nacho cheese sauce.

I to be impressed through the methodology connected in constructing a Spicy Nacho Chicken – it appeared that one onion ring has been to work to keep the nacho cheese sauce and the jalapeños from running amok. Due to the fact that the onion ring is practically as huge as the bun, this didn’t limit these ingredients to just a tiny spot in the middle.


I always like when Jack puts something top top sourdough, therefore I preferred that component right off the bat. As for the chicken, it was a tiny thin, but relatively moist, and also the breading actually had actually a nice little kick. Ns assume it’s the exact same chicken they use on the continuous Jack’s Spicy Chicken. The was additionally nice the the breading continued to be crispy, also under a class of cheese sauce.

Amazingly, so did the onion rings. It’s nice to check out onion rings on a sandwich in reality be crispy. (I’m looking in ~ you and your western Bacon Cheeseburger, Carl’s Jr.) ns feel prefer the breading added more taste and texture 보다 the onion inside, i beg your pardon was largely flavorless and also served mostly to simply piss me off once it all want to come the end in one lengthy string, prefer onion rings execute every damn time.

The nacho cheese sauce was your common hyper-processed sauce, which I know is a big turnoff for some people. Come me, however, it served as the perfect condiment, keeping everything moist and adding creamy texture and cheesy (if artificial) flavor.

Of course, the perfect compliment to nacho cheese is jalapeños! i only obtained three, however one of them to be so huge it covered fifty percent the sandwich, ensuring the I acquired a fight of heat in every bite. They to be your usual pickled jalapeños, and also while those can sometimes absence a bite, these definitely packed a spicy punch that was sustained by the chicken breading.

The Spicy Nacho Chicken Sandwich isn’t the craziest Munchie enjoy the meal Jack in the box has ever before dreamed up, but I think it’s a solid sandwich. The chicken to be moist, crispy and also spicy, the jalapeños were spicy, the cheese kept everything lubricated, and the crispy onion rings kept the totality thing from ending up being a gigantic mess. Nobody of this ingredients are new, yet put together, they do for a hard late-night JitB run.

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Jack in the box Spicy Nacho Chicken Sandwich Munchie Meal

Score: 3.5 out of 5 Fonz’d-out JacksPrice: complimentary (normally $8)Size: 1 Munchie MealPurchased at: Jack in package #106Nutritional Quirk: eat a whole Munchie enjoy the meal is really negative for you, if girlfriend look in ~ the nutritional info. Since this isn’t really a surprise, I’ll simply use this room to reiterate that I really hate those cursed onion strings.